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  • (#21) Your Significant Other Is Rude To Restaurant Workers

  • (#3) They're Never At Fault - Ever

  • (#7) They're Very Insecure

  • (#16) Lies Are Their First Language

  • (#14) They Don't Actually Have Any Friends

  • (#6) Your Significant Other Expects Everyone To Care About Them

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About This Tool

Egocentricity, originally a psychological term proposed by Piaget, was used to describe the psychological characteristics of children before the age of 6 or 7. We will gradually become self-centered when we growing up. However, due to the different environments and educations of each person, the degree of self-centeredness is also different. Some people inevitably still retain their childhood self-centeredness, which makes them unable to establish contact and collaboration with others well.

No one likes narcissistic people, at least most people I know don't. Self-centered people do portray certain characteristics similar to those of narcissists. The random tool lists 24 signs of self-centered people you should watch out for.

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