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Random Schools In Trinidad And Tobagoreport

  • San Fernando West Secondary School=60%-80%

    (Government Secondary Schools) (Secondary schools)

  • San Souci RC School, San Souci Village, via Toco

    (Assisted schools) (Primary schools)

  • Maloney Government Primary School, Maloney

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • Bonne Aventure Presbyterian School, Gasparillo

    (Assisted schools) (Primary schools)

  • Presentation College, San Fernando

    (List of secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago) (Secondary schools)

  • Mount Pleasant Government School, Solidad Rd, Claxton Bay

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

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About This Tool

Trinidad And Tobago, located in the Southern Caribbean of the Caribbean, is an energy-rich And important exporter of oil. The processing and manufacturing industry has a relatively complete range. In addition, the local construction industry, tourism, financial and insurance industries, such as rapid development. The government is also paying more attention to local education development, seeking to increase the number of new talents to meet the growing economic development. There are 461 schools in the area, of all kinds, that are fully documented in this random tool.

In Trinidad And Tobago, primary And secondary schools are compulsory education free of charge. There is Special education for students with disabilities, special education is coordinated by the Ministry of Education’s Department of Student Support Services (SSS) . There are also liberal arts and engineering schools, as well as schools at all levels to meet local educational needs. If you’re looking for more detailed school information, check out this generator and you’ll find more specific school listings.

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