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Random Schools In Finlandreport

  • Liminganlahden yhtenäiskoulu (Northern Ostrobothnia)

  • Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun Lukio (Northern Ostrobothnia)

  • Salo Upper Secondary School (Southwest Finland)

  • Oulun Lyseon Lukio (Northern Ostrobothnia)

  • Ressu Comprehensive School (Uusimaa)

  • Ressu Upper Secondary School (Uusimaa)

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About This Tool

Finland ranks near the top in the international PISA tests, drawing educators to learn from its experience. Finland’s education concept is very advanced, no examinations, teachers have great power to determine the teaching process. Regardless of any age group of students, the more fastidious is the free and independent study pattern. The government takes Finland’s teaching force very seriously and treats it best, putting together 33 excellent schools in a random tool that brings together Finland’s best teachers.

Finnish society as a whole has a high level of trust in local education, so the schools that the generator tool collates produce very good and talented people of all ages. Parents Trust teachers and schools, and students are getting better, a virtuous circle that keeps the Finnish model working.

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