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Random Schools In Bruneireport

  • SR Pengiran Anak teri Besar, Sungai Kebun

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • SR Mabohai

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • SR Amo

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • SR Sungai Siamas

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • Sek Ugama Kawasan Brunei I

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

  • SR Long Mayan (Closed)

    (Government schools) (Primary schools)

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About This Tool

Brunei is located on the north coast of Borneo in Southeast Asia. The economic, political and educational situation here is quite good, the government financial resources are strong, built in the local 191 very good schools. The random tool records the full names and locations of the schools in detail for easy identification during a search.

The education system in Brunei is very well developed. The government provides free education and subsidizes the cost of studying abroad. English and Chinese private schools are self-financed. Citizens are better educated with a literacy rate of 95.3 per cent for females and 97.8 per cent for males. In other words, all the schools on the list compiled by the generator are funded by the government, greatly reducing the financial burden on local residents.

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