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Random Russia Davis Cup Team Representativesreport

  • [Player]: Karen Khachanov
    [W-L(Total)]: 1–3
    [W-L(Singles)]: 1–2
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 0–1
    [Ties]: 3
    [Debut]: 2013
    (Russia players)

  • [Player]: Andrei Chesnokov
    [W-L(Total)]: 21–11
    [W-L(Singles)]: 20–10
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 1–1
    [Ties]: 16
    [Debut]: 1983
    (USSR players)

  • [Player]: Igor Andreev
    [W-L(Total)]: 14–14
    [W-L(Singles)]: 11–10
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 3–4
    [Ties]: 15
    [Debut]: 2004
    (Russia players)

  • [Player]: Dmitry Tursunov
    [W-L(Total)]: 12–13
    [W-L(Singles)]: 10–5
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 2–8
    [Ties]: 14
    [Debut]: 2005
    (Russia players)

  • [Player]: Nikolay Davydenko
    [W-L(Total)]: 17–11
    [W-L(Singles)]: 14–9
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 3–2
    [Ties]: 17
    [Debut]: 2003
    (Russia players)

  • [Player]: Andrey Kuznetsov
    [W-L(Total)]: 8–0
    [W-L(Singles)]: 7–0
    [W-L(Doubles)]: 1–0
    [Ties]: 5
    [Debut]: 2013
    (Russia players)

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About This Tool

The Davis Cup is a famous tennis club in Russia. Each tournament sends its best players to the Davis Cup, which is administered by the Russian Tennis Federation. The team has played since 1993 and won the Davis Cup twice, in 2002 and 2006, and third place in 1994,1995 and 2007. These great achievements can not be separated from the efforts of the outstanding representatives of the club’s team. The random tool compiled a list of 50 well-known players from the team.

Some of these players represent other clubs after their contracts expired. Some are still trying to prepare. In the generator, you can see in detail their names, goal rate, winning and losing rate, the specific time of the game and other important information. The more star players a tennis team has, the more likely they are to win. And these players' representatives are in the history books of the club as role models for the players on the team.

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