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  • The Action Is More Over-The-Top on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#9) The Action Is More Over-The-Top

    Topping the Looney Tunes level of violence from the first Deadpool is a tall order, but the sequel puts the pedal to the floor from moment one and doesn't let up. Deadpool 2 doesn't just have the Merc with a Mouth slashing people up to build a body count, though, and there are full-blown scenes of destruction that don't feel like any other contemporary films, superhero-related or not. 

  • All The Gags From The First Film Are Bigger And Better on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#11) All The Gags From The First Film Are Bigger And Better

    The first film gives audiences a superhero film that does things they've never seen before: Wade Wilson breaks the fourth wall, the soundtrack is filled with '90s jams that feel both sardonic and sincere, and the characters all take part in snarky joke pile-ons. Deadpool 2 ups all of that

    Almost every scene takes a gag from the first film and does it bigger and better, so much so that it's hard to keep up with every joke. The movie is so tightly packed with these antics that it may take more than one viewing to catch everything.

  • The New Supporting Cast Is Amazing on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#7) The New Supporting Cast Is Amazing

    Much of the marketing for Deadpool 2 has been based around Wade Wilson putting together a crew of superheroes to stop Cable. The marketing is a bit of a misdirect, but that doesn't make the characters any less fun. The biggest standout from the new crew is Domino (Zazie Beetz), who uses her good luck throughout the movie to navigate whatever nightmare situation Deadpool gets her in. 

    Aside from Domino, there are small (yet hilarious) roles played by Terry Crews and It's Bill Skarsgård. Neither of the actors are on screen for all that long, but they're the centerpiece of easily the most memorable scene in the movie. If that's not enough, Julian Dennison from Hunt for the Wilderpeople manages to inhabit a character who's equally empathetic and frightening. 

  • The Post-Credits Sequence Is Wildly Meta on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#2) The Post-Credits Sequence Is Wildly Meta

    In the film, Cable introduces his time travel tech that can only be used twice: once to bring him to the past and a final time to get him home. He uses his second time travel trip to rewind the film and keep Deadpool from dying to save Russell. 

    In the mid-credit sequence, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend, Yukio, fix the time machine and give it the ability to have more jumps. Instead of giving it back to Cable, Deadpool decides to travel back to the beginning of the movie and save his girlfriend, Vanessa, from being murdered. He then jumps forward to keep Peter (Rob Delaney) from being melted to death. 

    Deadpool then hops into X-Men Origins: Wolverine and murders that film's version of Deadpool. Afterwards, Deadpool goes full-on meta to 2008 and kills Ryan Reynolds before he can take the role of Green Lantern. This scene is genuinely crazy and it kind of unspools the entire movie, which is 100% what Deadpool is all about. 

  • The Themes Are Much Heavier on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#10) The Themes Are Much Heavier

    Even though Deadpool 2 piles on the humor and violence, it still finds time to give the audience intense, emotional themes to ponder. The emotional impact of Wade Wilson dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and trying to build an informal family brings a surprising amount of feeling into a film about a smart-ass assassin who consistently breaks the fourth wall. 

  • The Juggernaut Makes A Welcome Appearance on Random Reasons Why 'Deadpool 2' Is Better Than Original

    (#5) The Juggernaut Makes A Welcome Appearance

    It never seems like screenwriters know what to do with Juggernaut. In the previous X-Men movies, he just kind of runs around being menacing and not smashing enough stuff. All of that changes in Deadpool 2. When Juggernaut shows up about halfway through the movie, very little time is spent dealing with who he is and what he wants, mostly because he's the Juggernaut, and he wants to f*ck sh*t up. He does just that.

    Juggernaut not only gives our heroes a clear villain to vanquish, but he also gets his own theme song, in case there needed to be additional clarification on what his whole deal is.


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