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Random Proton Synchrotron Experimentsreport

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-172
    [Spokesperson]: Bugg, D.
    [Proposed]: 1980-07-21
    [Approved]: 1980-11-27
    [Completed]: 1986-08-01
    [Link]: INSPIRE

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-191
    [Spokesperson]: Vannucci, F.
    [Proposed]: 1983-02-25
    [Approved]: 1983-03-25
    [Completed]: 1984-08-09
    [Link]: INSPIRE

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-164
    [Spokesperson]: Uggerhoj, E.
    [Proposed]: 1978-09-14
    [Approved]: 1978-10-18
    [Completed]: 1980-04-01
    [Link]: INSPIRE

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-097
    [Spokesperson]: Picasso, E.
    [Proposed]: 1969-05-19
    [Approved]: 1973-11-14
    [Started]: 1974-06
    [Completed]: 1976-12
    [Link]: INSPIRE

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-143
    [Spokesperson]: Kullander, S.
    [Proposed]: 1974-09-23
    [Approved]: 1974-12-04
    [Completed]: 1976-08-21
    [Link]: INSPIRE

  • [Experiment]: CERN-PS-134
    [Spokesperson]: Websdale, D.
    [Proposed]: 1969-05-19
    [Approved]: 1973-05-09
    [Started]: 1974-10
    [Completed]: 1975-12
    [Link]: INSPIRE

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About This Tool

The Proton Synchrotron works in much the same way as electronic synchrotron. The magnetic field changes with time, and as the particle’s energy increases, so does the magnetic field, ensuring that the particle circles around a constant closed orbit. The Proton Synchrotron is primarily used for high energy physics experiments, or as an injector for the Proton Collider or another, more powerful Proton Synchrotron. A random tool collates 83 experiments conducted by chemists to prove the physics of the Proton Synchrotron.

The generator records the number of the experiments, the person represented, the time of the experiment, the time of authorization, and the start and end of the experiment. These experiments have helped chemists do further research and generate a wealth of data to verify the facts. The Proton Synchrotron can also be used as a source of intense pulses of neutrons to produce spallation neutrons for condensed matter physics research or to simulate nuclear explosions.

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