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Random NCAA Women's Bowling Bakreport

  • [Number]: 16
    [Team]: Vanderbilt
    [Date]: January 19, 2018 (vs. St. Francis (PA) )
    [Tournament]: Kutztown Invitational
    [Players]: Bryanna Leyen, Kelsey Abrahamsen, Jordan Newham, Kristin Quah, Maria Bulanova

  • [Number]: 5
    [Team]: Fairleigh Dickinson
    [Date]: November 16, 2012 (vs Norfolk State University)
    [Tournament]: Eastern Shore Hawk Classic
    [Players]: Nicolette Sarin, Michelle Hunzaker, Abigail Aubart, Liat Vizenfeld, Danielle McEwan

  • [Number]: 4
    [Team]: Vanderbilt
    [Date]: March 20, 2011 (vs Central Missouri) (Final 5 frames of Baker 300)
    [Tournament]: Music City Classic
    [Players]: Sarah O'Brien, Amanda Halter, Jessica Earnest, Brittni Hamilton, Samantha Hesley

  • [Number]: 9
    [Team]: LIU Brooklyn
    [Date]: January 26, 2014 (vs Monmouth University)
    [Tournament]: Kutztown Invitational
    [Players]: Brittany Hart and 4 others

  • [Number]: 0
    [Team]: Central Missouri
    [Date]: 2002–2003 Season
    [Tournament]: Not traditionally reported as first NCAA Baker 300 as it was earned prior to the beginning of NCAA competition in 2003-2004
    [Players]: Tina Balser and 4 others

  • [Number]: 10
    [Team]: Nebraska
    [Date]: March 9, 2014 (vs Wisconsin-Whitewater) (USBC Video)
    [Tournament]: Music City Classic
    [Players]: Bethany Hedley, Andrea Ruiz, Liz Kuhlkin and 2 others

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About This Tool

NCAA has more than 500,000 student-athletes attending more than 1,000 American universities for study, training, and Games. The NCAA will compete for 90 national championships in the D1, D2, and D3 categories, with 45 going to women and 42 to men. It also means that more than 54,000 student-athletes participate in the NCAA championship game each year.

There are 76 schools at the D1, D2, and D3 levels that have women’s bowling programs, and there are no men’s bowling programs. The random tool generator recorded 19 items for a list of women’s bowling balls. Of course, the random tool keeps more detailed records, not only of the players’ names, but also of the teams they belong to, the dates they play, the games they play, and the number of players.

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