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  • Corde on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#1) Corde

    Early on in Attack of the Clones, there's an assassination attempt on the life of Padme Amidala, the former queen and current senator of Naboo. Moments later, the film reassures fans that it wasn't really Padme that perished. It was just Corde, her body double! 

    Corde is a hero for putting herself on the line for Amidala. Standing in for a woman so an assassination attempt will hit you instead of her is a pretty terrible job, and Corde doesn't get the recognition she deserves. If something had happened to Padme instead of Corde, we never would have gotten the galaxy's most beloved twins. 

  • Mon Mothma on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#13) Mon Mothma

    Within the Star Wars universe, Mon Mothma is far from an unsung hero. She led the Rebellion and then was the first leader of the New Republic. It's hard to get more "sung" than that. Outside of the fictional narrative, though? A household name she is not. 

    In a lot of ways, it's odd she isn't better known. Fewer people know her name than Admiral "It's A Trap!" Ackbar. She may not be the flashy hero in the middle of the battlefield, but she led the Rebellion to victory. #MonMothmaSpinOffMovie! Less lightsaber battles, more paperwork! The power of public service! 

  • Boss Nass on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#16) Boss Nass

    • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars

    When you're the leader of a kingdom, you do what's right for your people. So, when the queen of the overworld comes to you and asks you to join her people in their fight against an invading army, you have a lot to consider. Is it worth it to put your people's lives on the line to do what's right? 

    With that said, it didn't take much for Boss Nass to agree to step out of the water and lead his people in the protection of a different nation. Would the fight have eventually come to the Gungans? Sure, most likely, but that doesn't take anything away from Boss Nass having the foresight to enter the battle before his people were threatened - and turn the tide of the invasion, to boot. 

  • Arvel Crynyd on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#10) Arvel Crynyd

    If you've seen how terrifying a standard Star Destroyer is, you can only imagine the destruction a Super Star Destroyer can do. 

    During the Battle of Endor, the Rebel space fleet was incredibly outmatched, particularly by the Empire's new Super Star Destroyer, the Executor. No one knew how important it was to bring this ship down better than pilot Arvel Crynyd.

    Crynyd first attempted to take down the mighty destroyer with his A-wing, and when that didn't work - and he was hit - he used his last moments to pilot his craft directly into the Star Destroyer's bridge. 

  • Biggs Darklighter on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#8) Biggs Darklighter

    You might think that if you grew up with a galactic hero and then saved his life from the Sith, you'd be remembered. You'd be absolutely wrong. Biggs Darklighter is a man fitting that description, and unless you've completed multiple re-watches of A New Hope, you might not even know his name. You might know him as "that guy with the mustache," but even then, probably not.

    There's a deleted scene giving Biggs some more screen time, in which he tells Luke he's going to be leaving the Imperial academy to join the Rebellion, but even if that scene had been kept in, he would still deserve more recognition. 

  • Nien Nunb on Random Most Unsung Heroes Of The Star Wars Franchis

    (#3) Nien Nunb

    • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

    Nien Nunb's name might make him seem like a joke, but put him at the helm of a starship and he'll prove his worth.

    Han Solo and Chewbacca flew the Millennium Falcon into battle during the attack on the first Death Star, and they went down in the hall of fame for it. Nien Nunb did the same thing during the fight against the second Death Star, and he got no credit! And, unlike Han, Nien Nunb didn't show up halfway through the battle to gain brownie points with a space princess - he was there because he's a small alien with a big heart. 

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Who were the rebel warriors who helped destroy the Imperial Death Star in Star Wars? You remember Luke Skywalker, maybe Vécs, but what about the other x wing and y wing pilots? In fact, the success of a film, the maturity of an industry, is not limited to the production and the director, but also the dedication and quiet dedication of the “Unsung Heroes, ” and the trailer editors, is one of them.

The random generator tool sorts through 16 items, documenting the classic but unremembered Unsung Heroes of Star Wars, even when the audience doesn’t remember their names. Corde, Galen Erso, Nien Nunb, Paige Tico, Owen Lars, etc. . which hero do you admire most?

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