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  • [Rector (president)]: Turhan Feyzioğlu
    [Duration]: 17.08.1960–8.02.1961

  • [Rector (president)]: Nuri Saryal
    [Duration]: 5.10.1977–25.06.1979

  • [Rector (president)]: Şefik Erensü
    [Duration]: 4.06.1971–23.03.1971

  • [Rector (president)]: Mehmet Gönlübol
    [Duration]: 1.08.1982–31.07.1987

  • [Rector (president)]: Ural Akbulut
    [Duration]: 7.08.2000–5.08.2008

  • [Rector (president)]: Erdal İnönü
    [Duration]: 11.09.1970–9.03.1971

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About This Tool

Founded in 1956, the Middle East University of Science and technology is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, with one-third of the 1,000 students taking the national college entrance examination each year, known as Turkey’s Tsinghua University. The university offers 40 bachelor’s degrees, 104 master’s degrees, and 66 doctoral degrees. With 750 faculty members including professors and associate professors, 400 academic tutors, and more than 1,400 research assistants, the school has more than 26,500 students enrolled in 2014, covering an area of 4,500 hectares.

The Middle East University of Science and Technology has a wide range of subjects, the most famous of which include engineering, education, architecture, psychology, political relations, and urban planning. In addition, the Middle East University of Science and technology also attaches great importance to academic research. The random tool generated 17 s that recorded the names of Middle Eastern university presidents such as Turhan Feyzio Lu, Seha Meray, Kemal Kurda, Erdal N önü, Efik Erens, and others.

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