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  • The Stabbing on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#9) The Stabbing

    Having prostitutes rent your home is bad enough. But what better way to make this terrible AirBNB experience even worse than by having one of those prostitutes stabbed in your apartment? This was the case for Jessica Penzari when she rented her West 43rd Street apartment turned-brothel to a woman who told her that she was in the Army and needed a place to stay before deployment. While she was gone, a hooker was stabbed by a client, and Penzari returned home to find baby wipes and condoms left behind.

  • The Party Pooper on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#11) The Party Pooper

    Rachel Bassini had one hell of a AirBNB horror story to tell after she came home to her NYC East Village apartment to find it completely trashed. But not just "trashed" in the after-party kind of way that involves empty solo cups and beer bottles – "Trashed" in the way that includes condoms and human feces covering her bathroom and furniture. Fortunately, AirBNB paid for the damages. 

  • The Squatter on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#16) The Squatter

    One California woman decided to rent her apartment for over a month. But once that month was up, she was terrified to learn that the guest was not only refusing to leave, but threatening to sue her. She had to hire a lawyer to go through the entire eviction process!

  • The Extortionist on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#13) The Extortionist

    After one renter booked his place and paid 50% of the payment, he was told that the rates were actually triple the amount, and there was nothing AirBNB could do. Although the date and price had already been agreed upon, and the first payment was made, the host told the guest that they could either pay the triple amount or they would cancel the trip. 

  • The Unhappy Ending on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#5) The Unhappy Ending

    Imagine this scenario: it's late, it's dark, you've just gotten home from a cross-country fight after being away for months. All you want is to take a hot shower and slip into your own comfortable bed. You open the door, drop your bags, and turn on the light to find a young couple sleeping in your bed. That's exactly what happened to one part-time Californian after her returned home from Chicago.

    Condo owner Robert Corwin thought it was strange that there was a new hookah on his coffee table and no booze in his cupboards, but the real surprise came when he found a man and a woman sleeping in his bed! Turns out, his roommate had been renting out his bedroom while he was gone without telling him. Corwin got rid of the roommate (obviously) and demanded that Airbnb give him some sort of recompense. For their part, the company told CBS Chicago: “This property is no longer listed on Airbnb, and we are reviewing this matter fully."

    Source: Gawker
  • The Orgy on Random Horrifying AirBNB Stories

    (#10) The Orgy

    No one wants to learn that their home was rented and used primarily for conducting sexual acts. Hearing about it after the fact is gross enough, but having to walk in on it WHILE it is taking place is downright disturbing. Just ask Ari Teman of NYC who walked into his apartment to learn that his guest was using his apartment to host a "panty raid orgy" with plus size women and stuffed animals. Yikes.


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