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Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

  • Mazda Carol Me Lady on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#5) Mazda Carol Me Lady

    Maybe Mazda meant to call their special edition Carol hatchback "M'Lady." That would almost make sense. But this one - yeesh. Apart from winning a Tony for resembling a ballad from The Sound of Music, the Carol Me Lady goes home with additional honors for being the only car of all time whose name forms a complete sentence. Fact.  
  • Honda Fit on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#19) Honda Fit

    • Honda
    "Fit" means a lot of things in different languages. In English, one meaning is "shaped, toned or athletic." Another is "spasm, twitch or tantrum." Calling your car spastic is worth a chuckle or two in English-speaking countries. But in Swedish, "fitte" means "a sharp pain," and "fitta" means...uhhh..."a derogatory term for women's genitalia."
  • Volkswagen Touareg on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#29) Volkswagen Touareg

    • Volkswagen
    This weird car name at least has a reason for being weird: It's the name of a tribe of super-bad nomads living in the Sahara Desert. Known for their toughness, ingenuity and fierce independence, the Tuareg (also know as the Touareg or the Twareg) are admired and feared by fighters the world over. Still, doesn't excuse them ferriners fer spellin' their name so weird, or VW for using the unpronounceable Touareg variant.
  • Daihatsu Charade on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#25) Daihatsu Charade

    • Daihatsu
    An entirely appropriate name for a car that spent its entire time on Earth pretending not to be somehow worse than the Geo Metro. 
  • Nissan Fairlady on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#20) Nissan Fairlady

    We know it as the Z-Car, but Nissan's flagship rear-drive sports car has always been the Fairlady back home. Say what you will, but it takes a comfortable man to proudly proclaim that he drives a "powder blue Fairlady."
  • Daihatsu Scat on Random Funniest Car Names Ever Coined

    (#6) Daihatsu Scat

    If this one doesn't end up permanently ranked right next to the Titan Dump, I don't know what will. 

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Our lives are almost inseparable from cars. Naturally, there are many strange, interesting, and absurd car names. The naming process of cars varies from a car manufacturer. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi tend to maintain their Mechanical, marking their cars and SUVs with letters and numbers in the system, this is very German. Other brands such as Chevrolet and Ford have taken a more poetic name.

Do you know any funny car names? This random tool has 29 items, many of which you certainly never heard the name before, such as Volugrafo Bimbo, Suzuki Every/Scrum Joypop Turbo, etc. If you also find this interesting, please share this random tool with your friends.

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