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  • (#16) "New Neighbors Painted Their Fence Yesterday. Now Our Car Looks Like This. All Over."

  • (#13) "Bird Dropped A Catfish Onto Car Window"

  • (#5) "My Car Got Stolen The Other Night And Found Several Hours Later In A Field. This Really Sucks."

  • (#11) "Bought A Used Car From Dealership, Clutch Went Out And Slid Into A Ditch; All Within 6 Hours"

  • (#18) "Guy's Neighbor Left Their Car Window Open Overnight"

  • (#12) "Got My Car Back From The Body Shop Saturday. Hit A Deer On Tuesday"

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About This Tool

The car is one of the most convenient transportation nowadays, and then it is frightening when facing an accident. We cannot predict what will happen when we drive or even park the vehicle. This is a collection of 25 unfortunate car owners whose bad accidents: the door was stole at night, or the wheels were stolen.

Have you encountered such a bad situation? If so, how do you solved it? If not, you can take a look at this random tool which has compiled a collection of unfortunate car owners. Hope that such situations will not happen in your life.

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