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Random Guys Who Destroyed Their Cars Doing Stupid Things

  • (#25) Watch Me Jump This Trailer


  • (#3) Watch Me Tow This Car


  • (#27) Watch Me Get This Car into The Uhaul


  • (#31) Watch Me Drift


  • (#19) Watch Me Kick This Bumper


  • (#20) Watch Me Get Out of My Car to Save This Other Car



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About This Tool

Cars are generally composed of metal parts, with many protruding parts, heavy weight, fast speed, and large movement energy. It is precise because of the characteristics of cars that even minor accidents may cost a lot. For many people, carelessness not only caused them scratches, but some cars were also damaged. 

You can see that there are 39 entries in this random tool, they are 39 large or small car accidents. Most of those guys did stupid and absurd things, like handstand in the car, drive in the pool, which made people really dumbfounded.

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