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  • Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy to Conceal Fertility Issues on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#1) Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy to Conceal Fertility Issues

    Beyonce seems to attract rumors the way flames attract moths - fabulous, multi-talented moths who can sing, dance, and run the world. One of the most researched (or "researched," if you will) is that her 2011 pregnancy, the one that brought Blue Ivy into the world, was all an elaborate fake.

    As the theory goes, Bey fooled us all using a combination of prosthetic baby bumps, flowing clothes, trick photography, a secretive delivery that nobody was allowed to discuss, and not releasing any photos of her while actually pregnant for over two years. The motive of the fakery is said to be fertility issues, and that a surrogate actually carried Blue. The Carter-Knowles family has never explicitly denied the rumors, probably thinking they're really stupid and not deserving of comment.
  • Katy Perry is Actually JonBenet Ramsey on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#2) Katy Perry is Actually JonBenet Ramsey

    Was the murder of seven-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in 1996 never solved because she was never actually murdered? This is the crux of a conspiracy theory driven by a YouTube video: that Ramsey's parents are actually Perry's parents, and that they "sacrificed" their made-up daughter in a Masonic ritual hoax killing, only to have her reappear as a pop star a decade later.

    The evidence for the theory is that Ramsey and Perry have some similar facial features and eyebrows, and that the two sets of parents do as well. That's about it. In fact, Perry and Ramsey were born about six years apart, meaning that the timeline of the "disappearance" makes no sense.

  • Britney Spears Was a Deep Cover Bush Administration Agent on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#3) Britney Spears Was a Deep Cover Bush Administration Agent

    While she might be a full-time mom and part-time Vegas attraction now, Britney Spears was among the biggest celebrities of the Bush years. Hence the conspiracy theory that she was an "off the books" employee of Dubya, paid to engineer distractions and keep the American people's eye off the chicanery going on in Washington.

    Surprisingly, the timing of this conspiracy kind of matches up. Spears's 55 hour marriage to a childhood friend coincided with the Valerie Plame scandal breaking. When Bush's approval rating hit its all time low, Spears made news again for having a Child Protective Services visit. Then, when the 2006 midterm rolled around, Britney announced she was splitting with her husband, celebrity doofus Kevin Federline. Finally, her 2007 meltdown diverted attention from Al-Qaeda reforming in Pakistan.

    One thing that makes this conspiracy theory less plausible is that it hinges on a rumored romance between Spears and Bush administration mastermind Karl Rove.

  • Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel Stole A Bunch Of Movies on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#4) Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel Stole A Bunch Of Movies

    A truly insane conspiracy theory went around in 2010 - that movie stars Vin Diesel and Jennifer Aniston had conspired together to "steal" dozens of movies and erase them from existence. These titles include all of the Transformers movies, G.I. Joe, and Avatar - which were all made a decade earlier than we think they were and doled out by the movie stars as a response to Sienna Miller attempting to... do something bad.

    The theory stems from a letter sent to the Hollywood Reporter, and has no supporting evidence.

  • Marisa Tomei's Oscar Was a Mistake on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#5) Marisa Tomei's Oscar Was a Mistake

    Tomei’s shocking victory in the 1993 Best Supporting Actress race gave birth to a conspiracy theory that presenter Jack Palance was so drunk (or stoned) when giving the award that he read the wrong name, and everyone in Hollywood just ran with it.

    However, no such mistake can be made. A rep from official Oscar vote counters Price Waterhouse stands in the wings during the ceremony to correct any errors, and only the name of the winner, not the nominees, is shown on the card the presenter opens. The “mistake” never happened and would never just be something that everyone ran with. 
  • Avril Lavigne Was Replaced by a Double on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#6) Avril Lavigne Was Replaced by a Double

    Is the perky Canadian singer of "Sk8er Boi" and "Complicated" actually dead, and being played by a lookalike? That's the hypothesis behind the Brazilian fan site "Avril Is Dead." It claims that the real Avril was disappeared in 2004, and replaced by a body double named Melissa Vandella. Melissa had previously been Avril's body double, meant to throw off the paparazzi, and when Avril became morose after the death of her grandfather, a replacement was needed to keep the Avril Lavigne gravy train going.

    The evidence for this is some blemishes on her skin that appear to be a bit darker depending on the lighting, and a video Avril (or "Avril") gave in Brazil where someone asks her about the theory that she's actually dead, and she has no idea what they're talking about.

  • The Beatles Never Existed on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#7) The Beatles Never Existed

    Anyone can think Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1968. But a real conspiracy theorist takes it one step further - just like the creator of the website "The Beatles (as they were presented to us) Never Existed."

    The theory's anonymous mastermind presents us with a wealth of "evidence" showing that the Beatles as we know them were a combination of lookalikes, robots, decoys, synthetic beings, and countless actors playing single members of a band. The supposed proof is in discrepancies in height, facial features, teeth, eyebrows, and demeanor.

  • Hollywood Stars Can Travel Through Time on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#8) Hollywood Stars Can Travel Through Time

    If you've ever seen an old-timey picture of someone from the turn of the century who looks like a modern celebrity, you're dealing with either a mild case of confirmation bias, or with Hollywood stars who can literally travel through time.

    Conspiracy theory websites are filled with comparisons of celebrities to people in old pictures.

  • Billy Joel Wrote the Illuminati National Anthem on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#9) Billy Joel Wrote the Illuminati National Anthem

    Was piano man Billy Joel enlisted to write a defiant anthem proclaiming the Illuminati's orchestration of all of the events of the 20th century? Give "We Didn't Start the Fire" another listen, then check out the conspiracy theory put forth by "usa-prophecies.com."

    Their close reading of the lyrics reveals Joel spelling out that the Dark Cabal runs everything, always has, and always will:

    "We didn't start the fire [ These events were all planned out before we were born. ]

    It was always burning [ Those secret societies have been controlling our events. ]

    Since the world's been turning [ It all started in the Garden Eden. ]

    We didn't start the fire [ We're not controlling these things. ]

    No, we didn't light it [ Those satanists are. ]

    But, we tried to fight it [ In fact, we've tried many attempts to stop it. ]"


  • John Travolta Was Replaced by a German Singer on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#10) John Travolta Was Replaced by a German Singer

    Actor John Travolta and deceased German schlager singer Roy Black share more than a passing semblance. They had the same facial structure, hair, mouth, and nose. According to one conspiracy theory, it means that one replaced the other. While Black is said to have died in 1991 of a heart attack, some believe that the death was faked so he could undergo minor plastic surgery and English lessons, in order to take over the role of John Travolta for unknown but probably nefarious reasons. What happened to the original Travolta is currently unknown, but it's probably not good.

  • (#11) Dave Chappelle Offended the Dark Crusaders

    Comedian Dave Chappelle is no stranger to conspiracy theories, going on long tangents about things like the Skull and Bones Society. He also goes on at length during an “Oprah” appearance about a conspiracy he claims he's experienced: that the entertainment industry forces African American actors to dress in drag at various points in their careers in order to humiliate and oppress them.

    Taking things even further, another Chappelle conspiracy is that Oprah retaliated to him exposing the minstrel theory by working with "Dark Crusaders" like Bill Cosby and Jesse Jackson to get his TV show off the air, despite having signed a huge contract with Comedy Central.
  • Miley Cyrus Is an Obama Administration Sleeper Agent on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#12) Miley Cyrus Is an Obama Administration Sleeper Agent

    Miley Cyrus is accused by some conspiracy theorists of being some kind of walking distraction, keeping the American people focused on frivolities while horrible things happen elsewhere.

    But Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis, himself a hardcore conspiracy theorist, took it one step further, saying that Cyrus's infamous "twerking" performance in 2013 was engineered by the Obama administration to destroy America, divide the American people, and distract us from Obama passing dictatorial powers for himself in the form of the NDAA.

    Davis's theory misses one crucial fact - the NDAA was signed in January 2012, a year and a half before Miley Cyrus destroyed America by twerking.

  • Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind on Random Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

    (#13) Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind

    Has musical genius Stevie Wonder been faking his blindness for his entire career, to elicit sympathy? That's the theory behind a small but vocal group of truthers who believe the musician actually can see, and always has been able to.

    Their proof is mostly cherry picked evidence, but does deserve a closer look, pardon the pun. Stevie Wonder has gone to basketball games. How does he know what basketball looks like? He's recorded a PSA against drunk driving. What would he know about driving?? He was caught on film catching a falling mic stand. How does a blind person do that? Boy George claimed Wonder came up to him at a party and knew who he was.

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