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  • Christina Hendricks on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#9) Christina Hendricks

    • 43
    This recipe for "rub all over your body" cornbread stuffing combines celery, onion, and day old Bisquick biscuits for some hearty goodness. You can either serve it on the side, or stuff a turkey with it. 
  • Tom Cruise on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#17) Tom Cruise

    • 56

    This recipe for linguine with zesty red clam sauce calls for freshly steamed clams. Sound complicated? No way! This food mission is definitely not impossible. 

  • Meryl Streep on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#2) Meryl Streep

    • 69
    We all know Meryl Streep can act, but this recipe for her heart-shaped cookies proves she can bake just as well! You use vanilla extract and honey to sweeten these treats!
  • Alicia Silverstone on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#15) Alicia Silverstone

    • 42

    The star behind The Kind Diet shares a ton of he recipes in her book, but this one for radicchio pizza with truffle oil got our attention! Maybe it has something to do with the "pizza" part. 

  • Dean Martin on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#1) Dean Martin

    • Dec. at 78 (1917-1995)

    Dean Martin's burger and bourbon is more like a mantra, but one we completely approve of. Basically, you "pour chilled bourbon in chilled shot glass and serve meat and bourbon on a TV tray." Check out the full recipe here

  • William Shatner on Random Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

    (#7) William Shatner

    • 87
    Instant espresso powder is the "secret" ingredient in these cappuccino chip muffins from William Shatner. You'll want to "beam these up" quickly. 

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A recipe is a kind of cooking method which is created by using various cooking materials and various cooking techniques. In modern restaurants, merchants use brochures to introduce their own dishes, with pictures, prices, and information such as the introduction. The word “recipe” comes from the Latin for “Indicative Memorandum”, which is a list of notes for the chef to keep in mind. The menu of a modern restaurant should be shown not only to the chef but also to the guests. We can sum it up in one sentence: “The menu is the catalog and brochure provided by the restaurant. It is the restaurant’s consumer guide and the restaurant’s most important business card.

This random tool generates 17 items, each corresponding to 17 different celebrity recipe detailed steps, you can according to your favorite star choose you want to cook, I believe it will be particularly delicious.

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