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  • (#14) iPod Impalement

    A short story from [deleted]:

    [I once saw an] iPod stuck inside of a car crash victim. I guess the force of the impact jammed it in the wound.

  • (#15) Baby In A Microwave

    According to Redditor somethingspiffy:

    I was a biological anthropology major with a minor in forensics. She was a forensic investigator for years and never seemed to be bothered by anything blood and gore. I came to know her pretty well and we were talking one night while on a three-week field school. She said she could deal with all the car crashes and gunshot victims. Adults or kids.

    She was called in on a case one night and she said she knew something was really bad because of the looks on the detective faces. She was directed to the kitchen. She was expecting a bloodbath. There was no body laying in the floor. There was no blood splattered on the walls. There was, however, a microwave with a baby in it.

    That was her last case. She quit and became a teacher. I've never verified the details but I don't have any reason not to believe her.

    Edit: More than one person mentioned True Detective. That's not were this came from. I was told this over a decade ago and as far as I know she was telling the truth. This is a lady who worked identifying victims at the Oklahoma City bombings and taught me how to do facial reconstruction. I believed her.

  • (#1) Corpse Stew

    This one is from Redditor whoatethekidsthen:

    [Taking one's life] by pills and alcohol.

    That in itself isn't that shocking. The individual took an entire bottle of sleeping pills, drank a half bottle of alcohol, and got into their hot tub.

    The individual [perished], but the body remained in the hot tub until the smell of the decomp alerted neighbors.

    If you could imagine a body decomposing then liquefying in a hot tub, it still really doesn't do the actual sight of it justice.

    The smell was so intense that many of us vomited (including the guys from Aftermath Inc. hired by the family to clean up.)

    Best I can describe it is, the individual [perished] in a hot tub which then became a giant crock pot of [corpse] stew.

  • (#6) Toilet Brush To The Brain

    Shared by ZaphodBbox:

    Only second hand, but I've seen evidence without asking for it. A guy fell in the bathroom and stuck the toilet brush handle through his eye-socket into his brain. Was barely alive when he arrived at the hospital and didn't make it. If this had been in a movie, I would have thought it was far too ridiculous. By far the weirdest of very few.

  • (#7) Steamed Like A Lobster

    Redditor aidyfarman shared this:

    “What’s the worst way to [perish]?” is the next-most-asked question, to which Melinek usually replies, “You don’t want to know.” When people insist, however, she tells them about Sean Doyle.

    Around Christmas 2002, bartender Doyle went out drinking with pal Michael Wright and Wright’s girlfriend. As they all walked home, Wright thought Doyle was hitting on his girlfriend, and witnesses later told cops they saw a man getting “the sh*t beat out of him.” He was heard screaming, “No, don’t break my legs!” and another witness said he saw someone throw Doyle down an open manhole.

    The drop was 18 feet. At the bottom was a pool of boiling ­water, from a broken main. Doyle didn’t [perish] instantly - in fact, as first responders arrived, he was standing below, reaching up and screaming for help. No paramedic or firefighter could climb down to help - it was, a Con Ed supervisor said, 300 degrees in the steam tunnel.

    Four hours later, Sean Doyle’s body was finally recovered. Its temperature was 125 degrees -  the medical examiners thought it was likely way higher, but thermometers don’t read any higher than that.

    When Melinek saw the body on her autopsy table, she writes, she thought he’d “been steamed like a lobster.” His entire outer layer of skin had peeled off, and his internal organs were literally cooked.

    He otherwise had no broken bones and no head trauma, which meant he was fully conscious as he boiled.

  • (#5) Lots Of Weirdness

    From Kabukikitsune:

    I've seen a few in my life, though not being the part of the ME [medical examiner], or coroner. In the past I worked as a deputy, so every so often we'd have to do calls where inevitably we ran across deceased persons.

    A couple that stick in my mind as being the most bizarre:

    Responded to a house after a man's wife called to report her husband had been attacked and [sexually accosted]. We arrive to find the man [perished], with no pants on, in the barn. Best we could ever figure out was the man had been having relations with a small pony, and ended up being mounted by a stallion. Perforated his intestines and he bled [out].

    We had another that took the better part of two years to solve. In that case, a young boy (about fifteen) was found wrapped around a pine tree, wearing only his boxers. By wrapped around, I mean in the sense of every bone in his body broken. His friends weren't talking on what happened, and while yes, foul play was suspected, we couldn't exactly arrest on suspicions. Eventually, about two years later, after one of his buddies had been picked up on a somewhat minor trespassing charge, he came clean. Apparently the boys had this game they would play where they would get drunk, then catch one of the passing freight trains. As the train neared the usual swimming hole, the boys would jump off the train down into the water. Supposedly when the train neared the usual bridge, the boy in question mis-timed his jump and ended up wrapping himself around the tree. The other boys were just to[o] scared to admit they had been involved.

    One that was NEVER solved involved a set of remains that were found inside an old brick smokestack during the stack's demolition. What gets weird about it was the man had apparently [starved], so that ruled out him as having fallen inside the stack. There wasn't a ladder on the outside of the stack, nor a door to access that area. The smokestack was tied to an old school and had last been used some time in the mid 1950s. The remains were dressed in clothing typical of the 1970s, which just made things even stranger. We identified the body as being a young man who had gone missing sometime in 1974, though beyond that the trail went cold. Never figured out how he had gotten himself in there in the first place.

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