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Random Celebrities Who Don't Drive Luxury Cars

  • Louis C.K. on Random Celebrities Who Don't Drive Luxury Cars

    (#8) Louis C.K.

    • 51
    Louis C.K. famously said on the first season of his series that he drives an Infiniti, which is an expensive car but it's not something only millionaires drive - but he knows that he could still drive something cheaper and donate the money he could get on a trade in to starving families. =[
  • Will Forte on Random Celebrities Who Don't Drive Luxury Cars

    (#7) Will Forte

    • 48
    According to Vanity Fair, Forte drives a 2004 silver-gray Honda Civic hybrid, and the only reason he would upgrade is if he wanted to get a better sound system. 
  • Thumb of Lily Allen video

    (#6) Lily Allen

    • 33
    Lily Allen's car of choice is the Ford Focus RS, a lime-green beast of an electric car with a "turbocharged version of the Duratec 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine." Here's Allen and the Focus going HAM in an empty parking lot. 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio on Random Celebrities Who Don't Drive Luxury Cars

    (#1) Leonardo DiCaprio

    • 41
    In an interview with Daily Finance about his expenses, DiCaprio made sure to bring up his Prius. "I don't pay lavish expenses. I don't fly private jets. I still have only one car, and that's a Toyota Prius. I don't spend money on a lot."
  • John Goodman on Random Celebrities Who Don't Drive Luxury Cars

    (#15) John Goodman

    • 66
    John Goodman has appeared in so many classic films it feels dumb to even say that. If there's a movie you like, he's probably in it. So it's very cool to see him driving a Ford F-150 like a regular guy. 
  • Thumb of Dwayne Johnson video

    (#13) Dwayne Johnson

    • 46
    Most people would expect a star the caliber of The Rock to be driving a Lambo, but the poor guy can't fit in one of those tiny cars! Instead, he rolls around in a super-sized Ford truck. He sideswiped some poor guy in his sweet ride. 

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