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  • Joyce Carol Vincent's Body Lay On A Sofa For Over Two Years on Random Bodies That Were Found Years After Person Died

    (#8) Joyce Carol Vincent's Body Lay On A Sofa For Over Two Years

    In 2006, while in the process of repossessing a home, London police discovered the body of 38-year-old Joyce Carol Vincent. Medical examiners determined she died over two years prior. According to the police, they found her on her couch. The television set was still on, tuned to BBC1, and a small pile of unopened Christmas presents lay on the floor.

    Authorities identified Vincent from her dental records and ruled her death as from natural causes. Her death inspired a 2011 docudrama, Dreams of a Life.

  • Body Found Behind False Wall on Random Bodies That Were Found Years After Person Died

    (#4) Body Found Behind False Wall

    In 2013, a construction worker accidentally unearthed the remains of Joann Nichols, 55. Someone had hidden Nichols’s body behind a "false wall" in the basement of her former home in Poughkeepsie, New York. Nichols’s husband, James, had reported her as missing in 1985. The medical examiner determined the cause of death as blunt force trauma:  

    The body was skeletonized and the hands were tied with rope. …A large area of the right side of the skull was also missing.

    Investigators suspected James for Nichols’s murder, but he had passed shortly before the discovery of his wife.

  • (#14) Teen's Remains Found In Trunk Of Mother's Car 11 Years After Disappearance

    In 2015, a Virginia State Trooper pulled over Tonya Slaton to perform a routine car search. He discovered a black plastic bag containing the remains of the her son, Quincy Jamar Davis, in the trunk. Slaton pled guilty to killing the teen 11 years prior.

    Hampton courts sentenced her to 10 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. 

  • Teen Found in Chimney on Random Bodies That Were Found Years After Person Died

    (#17) Teen Found in Chimney

    In 2015, contractors found the body of 18-year-old Joshua Vernon Maddox, whose family reported missing in 2008. Contractors discovered the remains when they tore down the abandoned cabin - located in Woodland Park, close to the teen’s Colorado home. There were no signs of trauma, and investigators found Maddox’s possessions nearby.

    The coroner ruled the death an accident, proposing Maddox had climbed into the chimney of his own volition before becoming stuck.

  • Croatian Woman Found After 35 Years on Random Bodies That Were Found Years After Person Died

    (#16) Croatian Woman Found After 35 Years

    In Zagreb, Croatia, intruders stumbled upon the body of Hedviga Golik in her small loft apartment. Neighbors allege last seeing Golik in 1966, when she would have been around 42 years old. Medical examiners determined she likely died circa 1973, and her body remained unfound for approximately 35 years

    Authorities found her sitting in front of the television, a dusty cup of tea on the table beside her. Reportedly, Golik’s neighbors - who had been financing her rent and utilities - requested authorities check in on the woman back in 1991. The coroner’s report indicated she died of natural causes.

  • Man Found Hanging After Eight Years on Random Bodies That Were Found Years After Person Died

    (#6) Man Found Hanging After Eight Years

    In 2013, a new tenant in a Bussy-Saint-Georges building found the body of Thomas Ngin. Authorities determined Ngin, who was originally from Cambodia, died eight years prior in the apartment. Medical examiners ruled the cause of death as self-inflicted hanging.

    Ngin’s apartment was isolated within the complex, and his death remained unnoticed until the bank finally seized and sold his unit. 

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