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Random Best Ways To Cheat At Monopoly

  • (#1) Keep Your Mouth Shut When You Land On Someone's Property, Hope They Don't Notice

  • (#2) Volunteer To Be The Banker So You Can Deal Out The Money Underhandedly

  • (#3) Steal Money From The Bank

  • (#4) Move Your Piece Too Many Or Too Few Spaces To Land On Better Spots

  • (#5) Hide Money In Your Pocket Before The Game Starts

  • (#6) Pretend Not To Understand What You Did Wrong If You Ever Get Caught

  • (#7) Lie About What Your 'Chance' Card Says

  • (#8) Make Up Your Own Rules When You're Playing With Beginners

  • (#9) Bribe Other Players With Real Rewards For Help In The Game

  • (#10) Take Money From Other Players When They're Not Looking

  • (#11) Distract Other Players So You Can Move Your Piece To Favorable Locations

  • (#12) Add More Houses And Hotels To The Board When No One's Looking

  • (#13) Shuffle The 'Chance' Deck So You Get More Preferable Cards

  • (#14) Move The Dice To Land On Numbers You Want

  • (#15) Steal Properties From The Bank

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About This Tool

Monopoly is a multiplayer strategy board game that became popular all over the world at the end of the 20th century. Participants in the game get the game funds. After rolling the dice, they can buy land and build buildings to earn rent according to their own trading strategy. In the end, there was only one winner, and the rest ended in bankruptcy.

Who wouldn't want to be the final winner? Some people will try their best to beat their friends at Monopoly, even if it means cheating cunningly in order to succeed. The random tool shares 15 clever tips for cheating at Monopoly.

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