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  • Lexus on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#15) Lexus

    • Automotive industry
    Lexus has a pretty strong design language these days, especially since the LFA came along and cast a massive halo over the brand. If you like Japanese styling, then Lexus is pretty much the top of the heap right now. There's something to be said for a brand that subcontracts its dashboard displays to the developers of Gran Turismo. Granted, Lexus's SUVs generally look like hippos that got hit in the face with a bulldozer - but their post-LFA cars are without a doubt some of the best looking things coming out of Japan today.
  • McLaren on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#2) McLaren

    Most of us think only of the P1 when we hear the McLaren name these days, but they've got several models, and every one of them is a looker. Granted, they're unapologetically mid-engine, so they don't have the classic proportions of some other sports cars. And some people decry the styling as a bit underwhelming at first glance. But like any good art, it's the details that draw you into McLaren's styling. These cars demand some study to be truly appreciated - preferably at 200 mph.
  • Mercedes-Benz on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#11) Mercedes-Benz

    • Manufacturing, Automotive industry
    Mercedes is kind of a "love-it-or-hate it" brand. There's no disputing the fact that many of their cars are handsome, in the sense that you'll never encounter a situation in which a Mercedes seems out of place. From High Street to Dakar, the Mercedes badge has been everywhere. As a styling entity, Mercedes has always been the most outgoing of the German brands. More so than BMW or Audi, Mercedes has long put a pretty strong emphasis on just being awesome and standing out in a crowd. Mercedes isn't afraid to come off as a little over-the-top by German standards, which is probably a big part of the brand's appeal in America. 
  • Aston Martin on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#1) Aston Martin

    • Automotive industry
    Since Henrik Fisker showed up a few years ago, Astons have gone from being some of the best looking cars on Earth to the almost undisputed champions of style. That said, this one is a little bit of a cheat. Part of the reason all Astons today look stunning is because they all look basically the same. Try telling a Vantage from a Vanquish from a DB9 in less than 30 seconds, looking at them one at a time. Good luck! Still, you can't fault Aston for knowing a great thing when they've got it and sticking to what works. 
  • Ferrari S.p.A. on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#3) Ferrari S.p.A.

    • Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies, Automotive industry
    Jeremy Clarkson once made the point that Ferraris were never pretty. Striking, yes, in the same way that a two-ton rhinoceros is striking. But not pretty. Some, like old Testarossas and F50s, were very eye catching, but they were also styled like shaved bricks. That certainly isn't the case anymore, especially with the 458 Italia. Even without the speed connotations, modern Ferraris like this are just objectively beautiful pieces of automotive sculpture. 
  • Koenigsegg on Random Best Looking Car Brands

    (#14) Koenigsegg

    • Automotive industry
    Koni only makes a few cars, but it's hard to find fault with any of them. Some say the Agera and Regera's shapes are a little on the "safe" side, even a tad bit dated compared to the crazy angles coming from other supercar manufacturers today. But who cares? It's not like anyone will ever mistake Koenigsegg's cars with any of the other fastest automobiles in the world. And if this is the shape that kind of speed takes, then handsome is as handsome does. 

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What is the best looking car of 2020? A new decade is right around the corner, and one of the best ways to ring in the new year is to purchase a brand new car! In today's increasingly fierce competition in the supercar market, British supercar manufacturer McLaren has realized that its slightly weaker product line is not enough to compete against Ferrari and other traditional powerhouses. Today's new Maserati coupe series is the embodiment of Italy's top coupe production technology, and it is also a perfect combination of Italian design aesthetics and high-quality craftsman design thinking.
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