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  • Maeby Fünke on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#9) Maeby Fünke

    • Arrested Development, Arrested Development, Arrested Development

    No matter what happens in the life of a Sagittarius, they can't be held down. Whether they're being moved into a model home with their entire family or falling in love with a cousin they didn't know was their cousin (Steve Holt!), a Sagittarius is going to find a way to rise above their own personal calamity. 

    Maeby begins the series as one of its most fully formed characters. She's young, but she knows she doesn't want to turn out like the rest of her relatives. She even gets a studio job before she's out of high school, and she always manages to stay one step ahead of the rest of the family. 

  • Lucille Austero on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#8) Lucille Austero

    • Arrested Development

    As the most mysterious sign in the zodiac, it's in a Scorpio's nature to keep people guessing. It's impossible to tell whether a Scorpio is planning something or just trying to keep people from getting into their personal business; whatever their secret is, they're not going to tell.

    Likewise, Lucille Austero seems like a ditzy socialite who's attracted to much younger men, but as the series progresses, it turns out she's had her hand in the Bluth business for quite some time. Sneaky Scorpio. 

  • Lindsay Bluth Fünke on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#12) Lindsay Bluth Fünke

    • Arrested Development, Arrested Development, Arrested Development

    The tenacity of a Pisces has to be admired. Even though they change their mind like the wind, whatever they're working on at that moment is the greatest thing they've ever done. Lindsay Bluth Fünke may be the most charming member of the family, but her erratic nature tends to lead her down a path of personal, comedic destruction. 

    If there's a cause worth fighting for, Lindsay is going to be right there on the front lines - until she finds something more interesting. Lindsay also tends to live in a fantasy world, rewarding herself with expensive clothes (on the family company card, no less) for the tiniest of tasks - even though her family is completely bankrupt.


  • Lucille Bluth on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#6) Lucille Bluth

    • Arrested Development, Arrested Development, Arrested Development

    When it comes to formulating a plan, Virgos are the sign that knows just how to get things done. They're incredibly shrewd and analytical, which means they're hypercritical of others when they fail. Lucille has no qualms telling her children how they've failed her - repeatedly.

    Similarly, Lucille is the member of the family who's always scheming, whether everyone realizes it or not. While George Sr. is being the brash head of the household, she's making sure their family doesn't fall apart. Her shrewd nature sometimes comes at a cost to her family, who live in fear of her razor sharp critiques that can cut someone in half before she even finishes her martini. 

  • Bob Loblaw on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#1) Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw is a take-no-guff, no-nonsense attorney who's brought in to replace Barry Zuckerhorn (not for the first time) as the Bluth family lawyer. Like an Aries, he's passionate and independent. He is also very direct, like the time he initially rebukes Lindsay Bluth's advances and says, " I'll be honest. You're a nice girl but you dress like a common wh*re. And besides, I just can't go out with a client."

    As with all Aries, rather than wait for work to come to him, Bob Loblaw finds his own business by creating the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

  • Tobias Fünke on Random 'Arrested Development' Characters Based On Zodiac

    (#11) Tobias Fünke

    • Arrested Development, Arrested Development, Arrested Development

    People born under this sign are some of the most idealistic and innovative thinkers on the planet. That doesn't mean that their ideas are good, but it does mean they have a lot of them. Tobias has never been someone who's allowed himself to be held down by the restrictions placed on him by life - except for the restrictions of a nice pair of cut-offs. 

    If there's a status quo, Tobias is going to blow it as hard as he can to keep from being just another working stiff. An Aquarius to the end, don't expect Tobias to ever stop dreaming. He is the world's first (and only) combination analyst and therapist - or analrapist - after all.

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Arrested Development is a famous sitcom series that premiered on FOX in 2003. It tells the story of how a wealthy Bluth family whose assets have been frozen due to suspected economic crimes adapts to a huge life change. This series uses the method of shooting a documentary to record all kinds of absurd things done by these family members.


Bluth family members with very different personalities expect themselves to be the luckiest ones, their weird personalities may be explained by the knowledge of zodiac signs. The random tool lists 12 Arrested Development characters who represent different zodiac signs.

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