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  • (#1) They Stay "Friends" With Their Exes

    Studies show that psychopaths like to stay close to their exes. Don't make the mistake, however, of thinking that they are emotionally attached. Rather, psychopaths keep their ex-partners around so that they can use them for sex, money, or other resources. Basically, if your significant other is friends with their ex and constantly hits that person up for rides to the airport, you might be in trouble.  

  • (#2) You Are Always The One To Apologize

    Psychopaths don't think that anything is their problem. It is difficult for a psychopath to accept responsibility for anything, which makes for a very frustrating relationship indeed. To matters worse, they also don't feel remorse. 

    If you are in a relationship with a psychopath, you may find yourself apologizing for things that aren't your fault, or trying to convince your partner to own up to something that they never will.

  • (#4) They Are Constantly Bored

    Psychopaths are never interested in anything for very long. They need constant stimulation and new objects to manipulate, and are therefore bored very easily. Psychopaths with partners are likely to be deeply invested at first, and then check out of the relationship quickly. It's basically impossible to hold their attention. 

  • (#10) They Can Be Violent

    Psychopaths have a tendency toward violence for multiple reasons. For one, their lack of empathy and desire for control allows them to physically harm others without remorse.

    Additionally, they can also have heated outbursts that result in violence, a sudden loss of their coveted self-control that causes them to lash out physically. A history of hurting people or breaking objects can be a huge warning sign of psychopathy.

  • (#6) They Aren't Sympathetic Or Genuine

    Emotional connection is one of the most important elements of a relationship. This, however, is impossible if you are in a relationship with a psychopath. Despite their incredible ability to charm, psychopaths often come across as being shallow or aloof, due to the fact that they can only relate on a superficial level. Their lack of emotional depth prevents them from being an empathetic and caring partner.

  • (#8) They Are Very Charming

    Psychopaths are not social outcasts, nor are they incapable of finding relationships. In fact, psychopaths tend to be very charming and socially adept, making them attractive to potential partners. A psychopath partner may be unusually good at making people like or agree with them, and they rarely appear awkward. Of course, you shouldn't assume that every charming person you meet is a psychopath. Just try to notice if the charm is all superficial.  

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About This Tool

Maybe the person you are dating seems a bit introverted and paranoid. Everything looks great at first, but once something strange happens or something makes her look a little weird, you need to be extra vigilant and re-examine your relationship. Because psychopaths will not take the initiative to admit that they are mentally ill, but there are some warning signs people should watch out for when dating.

If your dater has been doing all kinds of completely messy things, such as lying, a strong desire to control, never seemed to feel guilty no matter what she/he did wrong. Maybe you are dating a mentally ill person. The random tool lists 14 warning signs of serious psychopaths.

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