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Random Warning Signs You're Dating A Full-Blown Psychopath

  • (#6) They Aren't Sympathetic Or Genuine

    Emotional connection is one of the most important elements of a relationship. This, however, is impossible if you are in a relationship with a psychopath. Despite their incredible ability to charm, psychopaths often come across as being shallow or aloof, due to the fact that they can only relate on a superficial level. Their lack of emotional depth prevents them from being an empathetic and caring partner.

  • (#9) They Constantly Manipulate Others

    When you are in a relationship with a psychopath, it can be difficult to see their deportment clearly. Manipulative behavior is the most prevalent trait of psychopathy, so if you have noticed that your partner considers their relationships with others to be a kind of "game" they can play without any kind of emotional consideration, it is likely that they feel the same way about you.

  • (#12) They Take Huge Risks

    Life is no fun without a little risk, but there are still reasonable limits. Psychopaths take massive risks that others would not. They never doubt themselves, no matter what the stakes.

    They are more likely to abuse drugs, drive recklessly, or partake in extreme sports. Dating a psychopath means taking on the stress they can't feel about their unnecessary gambles and dangerous lifestyle. 

  • (#5) They Don't Have Any Long Term Goals

    It is important that two people in a relationship have similar goals. However, this is pretty much impossible with a psychopath and a mentally healthy person. A psychopath's goals are based on control and manipulation of people and specific circumstances, "plans" that do not extend beyond acquiring immediate resources and favors from others.

    They have no long term goals, because once they have gotten what they need from one person, they simply move on to another. They exist in a cycle, not a timeline of personal growth and development.

  • (#7) They Lie About Things That Don't Matter

    If your partner is constantly lying, they may be doing it in order to stay entertained. See, psychopaths feel no remorse for lying and need to constantly manipulate their environment in order to stay engaged, as they feel no emotional connections. This means that they will lie about completely trivial things just to feel a sense of control over others. 

  • (#1) They Stay "Friends" With Their Exes

    Studies show that psychopaths like to stay close to their exes. Don't make the mistake, however, of thinking that they are emotionally attached. Rather, psychopaths keep their ex-partners around so that they can use them for sex, money, or other resources. Basically, if your significant other is friends with their ex and constantly hits that person up for rides to the airport, you might be in trouble.  

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About This Tool

Maybe the person you are dating seems a bit introverted and paranoid. Everything looks great at first, but once something strange happens or something makes her look a little weird, you need to be extra vigilant and re-examine your relationship. Because psychopaths will not take the initiative to admit that they are mentally ill, but there are some warning signs people should watch out for when dating.

If your dater has been doing all kinds of completely messy things, such as lying, a strong desire to control, never seemed to feel guilty no matter what she/he did wrong. Maybe you are dating a mentally ill person. The random tool lists 14 warning signs of serious psychopaths.

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