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  • (#9) Not A Story But A Journey

    Posted by Redditor /u/teeny_gecko:

    We were supposed to meet at 9 p.m., he fell asleep and called me at 9:30 when I was already at the carnival. I told him not to bother coming as I didn’t want to see him.

    He asked for another chance and I agreed.

    Unfortunately my dad got really ill and had to spend the next six weeks in the hospital with me visiting him daily. I had no time for dates and he got extremely mad.

    He made a fake Instagram account which he used to follow me and everybody that I followed. 
    He then saw me in a friend’s Instagram story and showed up to the restaurant we were at. 

    He called me a whore and a liar and we had to threaten to call the police because he would not leave.

    Edit: some of you are asking how it ended and I’ll just add this to my comment.

    He had my number and kept calling me using different phones. I knew it was him because he’d just be silent and I could hear him breathing. He did this for over 10 months, I was even living in a different country towards the end.

    One day I was expecting a call from a friend and had a missed call from a landline so I called back.

    It was his mom, I explained to her what was happening and after a long silence she said,  “Please don’t call the police, I will talk to him”.

    Never heard from him again.

    Edit 2: Some people are asking how the convo with his mum went so I’ll just type it here too.

    I was living in Thailand at the time and I had a friend (“Luis”) text me the night before telling me that he missed me and he wanted to catch up so I told him he could call after I finished work (I was a teacher there). When I came back from school I saw I had a missed call from a landline and I assumed it was Luis so I called back. A woman picked up.

    Her: Hello?

    Me: Hi, Teeny Gecko here, I have a missed call?

    Her: It must have been “Carlos.” He’s not home at the moment, but I’ll have him call you later.

    It clicked for me. I only know two guys named Carlos.

    Me: Carlos Surname?

    Her: Yes!

    Me: I'm sorry but could I talk to you for a second?

    Then I told her everything I remembered, I was so scared she would not believe me and call me a liar. I was shaking and I’ve never felt so sh*t, it was nearly two years ago and I forget the exact details but she kept whispering “Dios mío” as I was telling her. She asked me to not call the police and I told her I would if I ever heard from him again. I never did.

    Edit 3: Some people are asking me how I found out about the fake Instagram account so here it goes:

    The reason I was at a restaurant was because my sister had flown in from Dublin to visit my dad for a weekend and she made plans to meet her friends for tapas. I drove her to the restaurant and her friends saw me drop her off and asked me to stay, I did.

    After a while, I saw him and he yelled, the waiter threatened to call the police, and after the madness I sat back down and we all looked at each other like WTF.

    I wondered how TF he knew I was there and the only way he could have known was because one of my sister’s friend put up a story where we were all saying “saluuuuud!” with our drinks and she saw that one 40+ people saw the story.

    We ended up finding his profile and realized that he had followed EVERYONE I followed so that’s how. We all reported the account and it got taken down by Instagram.

  • (#7) One Too Many Mai Tais

    Posted by Redditor /u/Transformwthekitchen:

    I went on a tinder date a couple months ago on a sunday afternoon. Met up with the guy around 3, he had a really good energy and was funny and complimentary. The place we wanted to go had a long line, so we went to another restaurant on the water for a drink and appetizers. He started slamming down Mai Tais. I had one, he had 3. They were STRONG. Like, I was tipsy borderline drunk off of one. The bar had a 2 mai tai per person limit, but he found another bartender to get his 3rd. He got drunker and drunker and started telling me he loved me, joking at first but getting increasingly serious. As we left he asked me to marry him, I kind of laughed it off, and was like “maybe we take it slow, we just met each other.” He got so mad he stormed off and left me on a street corner. Then as soon as he got home (it was 5 pm) he started texting me “come over.” And “I miss you.”

    He was 43.

  • (#6) Old Friends

    Posted by Redditor /u/rriro:

    I went to his place and we hooked up but after he goes, “So you wanna know what I’m really into?” And I was like sure and then he grabs my foot. I have a really irrational fear of people touching my feet, so I ran the hell out of there anyway I get to the living room on the way out and it turns out to be his parents house and I look at his mother and see she was my old therapist.

  • (#1) Saving Face

    Posted by Redditor /u/grapeflavoredorange:

    We lived about 25 minutes from each other, so agreed to meet at the beach pier about halfway between. Before meeting, we had been texting and he seemed totally normal. 

    I was already at the pier when he texted me saying he can't meet me there because his license is revoked and it's too far for him to walk. I should've just left then, but I agreed to meet him at a pizza place closer to him. I get there, and I'm standing outside when I see him, and quickly realize the pics from his profile were at least 3-5 years old. Homeboy looks like the dollar store version of himself. Greasy, looks like he hasn't showered in days, hair undone, holes in his shirt. 

    I awkwardly give him a side hug and suggest we get a seat, and he says, "Oh, no, we're not getting pizza. Let's go to the park." I awkwardly say okay, and as he talks, I realize his gums and tongue ring are stained black from smoking. By this point, I am completely turned off and am just keeping up with formalities.

    So we get to the park and find a bench to talk, and before I can sit down, homie pulls me onto his lap, squeezing me and saying, "God, babygirl, you are so cute." 

    I awkwardly scooch away and try to get a conversation going. He pulls out his phone and starts texting for a few minutes, not really listening to me, before interrupting with, "Have you smoked? My friend is a plug, we could go back to my place for a bowl." I decline. "Aw, come on, babygirl, my place is just right there. We could have some fun, too." I decline again. 

    Next thing you know, he pulls me close by the face and whispers, "You're so innocent," before broad-tongued licking my face from chin to ear. Shell-shocked, I just sit there for a moment processing what just happened before I decide to fake an urgent phone call and leave.

  • (#5) He Had A Few Suggestions

    Posted by Redditor /u/yhcaepeachy:

    Talked to him for two weeks before we went out and no red flags so we ended up going out to dinner. I said I hadn't been out in a while because I was trying to save money for a washer and dryer. He told me instead of saving for that I should save for a boob job. I didn't even know how to reply so he followed up with, "No, it's not a bad thing, my sister and Mom both had small breasts and got boob jobs and they look amazing." 

    This is all before the waitress even brought our drinks. I just got up and left.

  • (#11) Bad Sign

    Posted by Redditor /u/Rockchakra:

    First date, she wanted me to get into a bar fight with the perfectly friendly guy who'd bought us a round of shots that night. Why? Because she found out he was a Scorpio.

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