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  • Salinas Grandes on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#10) Salinas Grandes

    • Location

    No, that's not snow. Salinas Grandes, known as the Salt Flats in English, is a massive area of land completely covered in crystallized salt. Over 3,000 square miles of salt fields stretch across the country. The area was at one point a massive body of water, but generations of evaporation have left nothing behind but salt.

    Not much can survive in this salty soil. Pant life is sparse and there aren't many humans out there either. It's actually possible to cook with the salt, although it is much more concentrated than your typical table varieties.

  • Dead Sea on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#12) Dead Sea

    • Lake

    Also known as the Salt Sea, this historic body of water can be found between Israel and Jordan. Its unique elevation below sea level makes it the lowest point in the world, and it is full of massive amounts of sediments like shale, clay, sandstone, rock salt, and gypsum. The lake is also full of harsh chemicals and has a remarkably high salt content, making it impossible for anything but bacteria to survive in the water.

    The sea has been slowly shrinking over the decades as its water has been siphoned by Israel for human use. Since there is little rainfall in that part of the world, the sea has been steadily decreasing in size by about three feet every year.

  • Spotted Lake on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#6) Spotted Lake

    • Lake

    The inspiration for Spotted Lake's name is clear: the lake, located in British Columbia, bears a distinctive polka-dot pattern. But it doesn't always look like that; each summer, Spotted Lake slowly evaporates to form those dots.

    The pattern is the result of a unique mineral concentration that scientists believe is similar to the makeup of ancient Martian soil. It is incredibly salty and gets no water from any rivers or streams, which also plays a part in this lake's strange appearance. Each individual "spot" can be a different color based on what minerals are inside, so the view can be quite breathtaking.

  • Tianzi Mountain on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#7) Tianzi Mountain

    • Mountain

    Picture a mountain, and chances are nothing like Tianzi Mountain come to mind. These remarkable pillars can be found in China's Hunan province, where an ocean used to ebb and flow. These massive structures are the only evidence that remains.

    Visitors can take a cable car through the beautiful peaks. Their alien appearance has inspired plenty a dreamer, including director James Cameron – he modeled Pandora in Avatar after Tianzi Mountain.

  • Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#2) Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico

    There is nothing quite as ethereally beautiful as the bright glow of Puerto Mosquito, a place brimming with bioluminescent plankton that causes the water to shine like stars. Located in a cove on the southern shore of Vieques, a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico, Puerto Mosquito has become an international tourist attraction for its amazing natural light show. In fact, it's the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.

    The shimmering blue light comes from a dinoflagellate known as Pyrodinium bahamense. These tiny creatures discharge a luminous chemical cocktail whenever they are disturbed, whether by the waves or a swimmer's body. The bay was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and for a time it seemed like the lights might have been put out for good. Luckily, the bay has been slowly recovering and the precious plankton have returned to their home.

  • Lake Hillier on Random Strangest Places On Earth

    (#3) Lake Hillier

    • Lake

    Lake Hillier, located in Western Australia, is like no other body of water in the world. Sure, it's small – less than 2,000 feet in length - but it's hard to miss due to the shocking bright pink color of its waters. Scientists believe that the color comes from a specific type of algae that resides in the lake, but this has not been conclusively proven. From the lake's banks, the water does not look as pink as it does from above.

    The lake has only been known to Westerners since 1802, but it's actually not the only pink lake in the world. While it is possible to swim in the lake with no ill effects, local laws prohibit tourists from visiting.

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The earth is the only planet in the universe where we know there is life. Facts have proved that life can be found almost everywhere on earth, and evolutionary survival methods include bacteria, even in the strangest places on earth. Our planet is full of mysteries. From history to science, there are always some places that are difficult to explain. From mysterious, strange, and even terrifying places, to scenery and regions, many scenes that look like Hollywood science fiction movies.

Here is an interesting collection of random 13 strangest places on earth, they have a long history and the magical process of formation, such as the Lake Hillier, Easter Islan, Nazca Lines, and more.

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