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  • Sinn Sathorn Tower on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#9) Sinn Sathorn Tower

    • Bangkok, Thailand

    A victim of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok, Thailand, sits as a massive reminder of what could have been. Somehow, the building is still beautiful in its own way, with layers upon layers of scalloped balconies that would have hosted wealthy travelers.

    Although from the outside it appears almost normal (it was about 75% completed), once you look closer, you can see that a lot of interior structures are missing, and the floors were left very open.

    It's a popular spot today for urban explorers; although it does have a high level of security. The local ghost stories also tend to deter some people, but most don't appear to be daunted by the spooky claims. 

  • Winchester Mystery House on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#2) Winchester Mystery House

    • North America

    Pure paranoia has never looked so beautiful. In the mid 1800s, Sarah Winchester, wife of rifle manufacturer William Wirt Winchester, turned to spirituality to cope with the deaths of her husband and and infant daughter. A medium told her that the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles were responsible for their deaths, and, in order to avoid a similar fate, she needed to move out West and begin building a grand house for them. As long as the house was never fully completed, she would be safe.

    The house, located in San Jose, California, began being constructed in 1884. The workers did not stop adding strange and mostly unnecessary details and additions until 1922, when Sarah passed away.

    The beautiful Victorian-style Winchester Mystery House is a museum today, where visitors can go on a tour through the extremely quirky layout. There are secret passageways, staircases to nowhere, and oddly-shaped rooms built in an attempt to throw off the spirits.

  • Sagrada Família on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#1) Sagrada Família

    • Barcelona, Spain

    The first stone of this massive church was laid in 1882, and construction is still marching on today. The Sagrada Família is set to be completed in 2026, with all of the construction costs financed by donations and ticket sales. Tours of the basilica are a popular activity when visiting Barcelona, Spain, and visitors are encouraged to spend time taking a close look at the facade to search for the cleverly hidden Biblical images. 

    Architect Antoni Gaudí took over the planning of the Gothic-style church in 1883, the second year of its construction. From there, it became his life's work, until he passed away in 1926. The original plans have been used during the entire process; although some assumptions have been made along the way, since the plans have been slightly damaged over the many, many decades it has taken to complete the church.

  • Deutsches Stadion on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#10) Deutsches Stadion

    • Germany

    The Deutsches Stadion, which began construction in 1937, was one of Adolf Hitler's biggest projects. It was to be located in Nuremberg, Germany, and should have held around 400,000 spectators.

    When told that the dimensions of the facility did not match Olympic standards, Hitler was said to have replied: "That's totally unimportant. The 1940 Olympics will be taking place in Tokyo. But after that they will be held for all eternity in Germany – and in this stadium. And it is we who will determine how the sporting field is measured."

    The project came to an abrupt halt in 1938 due to the start of WWII, and the only part that was ever completed was the giant hole in the ground where it should have sat. There was, however, a "test stadium" built in a small town not far from Nuremberg, Achtel, to test the acoustics. The old pillars and walls that remain have been given historical landmark status, though they are long overgrown, and some Germans would like to forget they are there.

    You can also visit the hole where the stadium would have gone, which is now known locally as Silbersee Lake.

  • Ryugyong Hotel on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#8) Ryugyong Hotel

    • Pyongyang, Pyongan, North Korea

    The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, has an air of mystery to it. The massive hotel (boasting 105 floors) was meant to be the largest in the world, but it has yet to open its doors to guests. In spite of this, there have been rumors that people have seen lights on in the top of the pyramid.

    Construction on the hotel began in 1987 and continued until 1992, when famine, drought, and an economic crisis crippled the nation. Work resumed in 2008, but the date of completion is anybody's guess.

    The builders got a cash boost of $30 million from Egyptian investors in 2011 to finish the exterior, very fitting for the pyramid structure.

  • Woodchester Mansion on Random World's Most Interesting Unfinished Buildings

    (#3) Woodchester Mansion

    • United Kingdom

    The Woodchester Mansion in Woodchester, England, is a bit of a trickster; from the outside, it almost looks like a regular, old mansion. But once you get inside, it becomes clear that construction was never completed. Construction on the Victorian-Gothic house began in 1855 and continued until 1873. It was made using local limestone, with vaulted stone ceilings that were unique for that time period. 

    Because the house is still missing floors, it allows visitors to actually see how houses were constructed during that time. Construction eventually ceased due to lack of funds – more specifically, a lack of the yearly income that the owner would have needed to actually run the place.

    In spite of the fact that it was never finished, it still has a lot of beautiful details, especially in the chapel and on the facade.

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Not all architectural marvels can be as cool as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is important to know that many buildings with great ideas have died on the design drawings, and even some of them have been put on hold. It is not only economic reasons, but normal construction is also affected by national politics, wars, and other factors. For 144 years, the masterpiece of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been continuously constructed and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. 

Here we introduce 12 of the most interesting and great unfinished buildings in the world, including Ta Keo, Woodchester Mansion, and more architectures. Do not miss any chance if you can visit them one day.

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