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  • (#14) They Have Stopped All PDA

    If your significant other has suddenly slammed the brakes on kissing, hugging, or holding hands in public, there is probably a reason for their discomfort. A partner's new aversion to PDA suggests that they aren't feeling physically affectionate, meaning that they likely aren't feeling emotionally affectionate, either.

  • (#3) You No Longer Feel Like A Priority

    One of the best things about being in a relationship is being that special person in someone's life. But as feelings fade, that special person can start to feel less important than other aspects of life. People who are losing their strong feelings for their significant other may stop making them a priority in their lives. 

  • (#12) Their Friends Are Acting Weird Around You

    If your significant other is questioning whether or not they are still in love with you or interested in the relationship, it's very likely that they have talked to their friends about it. So if their friends are suddenly acting a little off with you, it could be because they aren't sure how long you will be around.

  • (#1) They Don't Want To Make Future Plans

    If your significant other has stopped making plans for the future with you, it may be a sign that they are no longer certain they want to be with you and have started considering your breakup to be a real possibility. Whether it be refusing to save up for a great vacation next year or dodging a friend's wedding that you both RSVPed to next week, such behavior is a definite red flag. 

  • (#4) No More Dates

    The beginning of a relationship is often filled with a flurry of fun and exciting dates, but as the relationship feels comfortable, this typically slows down. This is normal, but if the dates have stopped completely, and your partner seems to dread alone time, they may be dealing with a loss of spark. 

  • (#6) They Don't Seem Engaged

    If your significant other seems to consistently be miles away when you are talking to them, that could be a sign that they are just not emotionally invested anymore. A lack of engagement and a sense of distance even when you are in the same room indicates a struggling relationship. 

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About This Tool

Love is magical. After the curiosity and enthusiasm of the initial period of love, the relationship will gradually enter a period of dullness. We should still trust our instincts in love. Many of the signs we try to ignore will prove to be right, especially when you think that the other person is not so into you, the truth is often consistent. 

This random tool lists the signs that you should be cautious about in love. Although it is distressing to admit that your significant other does not love you anymore, you can only meet true love by recognizing the facts.

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