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  • The United States on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#1) The United States

    America is a big country and big places aren't usually that difficult to sneak into. There are a wealth of options for sneaking into the US, whether it be sneaking across one of our borders with Canada or Mexico or just hopping on a plane and never returning to your home country. Determination goes a long way.
  • Prisons, ft. Snoopy and a Cat on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#13) Prisons, ft. Snoopy and a Cat

    For a place designed to keep people in and modeled on the concept of a medieval fort, you'd think prisons would be pretty hard to break into. And certainly, most American supermax prisons are. Hey, with the largest prison population on Earth, we've got practice. England, though, seems to have a bit of a problem in this department.

    In one case, a man broke into a prison wearing a Snoopy costume, intending to snatch a prisoner and dance his way back out. Another Englishman broke into a prison to steal $13,000 in cigarettes from inmates. In Brazil, guards noticed a suspicious looking cat wandering around the grounds. Upon closer inspection, they realized the cat had been strapped with cell phones, files, knives, and other implements of malfeasance.
  • The White House on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#4) The White House

    People have been breaking into the White House for ages; one of the most notable was a fellow named Charles Dickens, who broke in after President John Tyler took too long to answer the door.

    The Secret Service regularly has to deal with unwanted visitors, mostly in the form of tourists wandering about. There have been several cases of tourists splitting off from tour groups and wandering around the mansion. Granted, most uninvited guests don't make it past the lawn these days due to all the sophisticated electronic surveillance. But break-ins and attempted break-ins still happen on a pretty regular basis.

    In 2009, socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi infiltrated a dinner party at the White House and got their pictures taken with President Obama and Vice President Biden before being found out.
  • Zoos on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#11) Zoos

    Zoos and animal preserves are surprisingly easy to break into, and it happens on a regular basis. Large areas, scant staff at night, and a lack of funding for security measures are contributing factors. So is poaching in Africa. But in one case in Boise, Idaho, two people broke into a zoo seemingly for the explicit purpose of killing a monkey.

    The two black-clad men escaped, and zoo staff found a dead patas monkey the next day. It had been killed by some kind of blunt-force trauma to the head. The exact motive for the break-in remains unknown; it's possible the men had something else planned, ran into the monkey by accident, and fled after killing it.
  • Celebrities' Cell Phones on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#14) Celebrities' Cell Phones

    Wikipedia calls it the "iCloud leaks of celebrity photos." But if you don't know this event better as "The Fappening," you've never been on the Internet. In 2014, someone discovered a security loophole in Apple's iCloud storage network that would allow them to make unlimited guesses at passwords. Using brute-force password guessing software, hackers from 4chan quickly went about invading the private photos of celebrities. Most of them, as you've no doubt heard, were nude. Dozens of photos leaked, notably those of Jennifer Lawrence, Kat Dennings, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, and Kaley Cuoco.
  • 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's House) on Random Places That Are Surprisingly Easy to Sneak Into

    (#6) 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's House)

    Say what you will about the Brits, but they do put a lot of faith in their people. So much so that in 2008, a burglar convicted of theft 78 times simply walked into the PM's house right through the front door. He arrived with his Lithuanian girlfriend, who quickly flashed her Lithuanian ID card to the guards. Assuming the couple to be poorly dressed foreign dignitaries, the guards let them in. The two walked from office to office, shoving stuff in their pockets. As you do. They were finally caught, but the couple isn't in prison, and the guards still have their jobs. So... cool?

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