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Random Love Interests on Gilmore Girls

  • (#5) Logan Huntzberger

    Rory's college sweetheart was sometimes a great foil, but other times an entitled jerk. He did propose in the end, but the ever-ambitious Rory rejected him.

    Pros: He's adventurous, charismatic, and witty, and he genuinely cared for Rory and was there for her (most of the time).

    Cons: He drank too much, he was irresponsible and cocky, and he slept with other girls while they were "on a break."
  • (#4) Jackson Belleville

    Sookie's produce-guy-turned-husband may have been the sweetest man on the show.

    Pros: He was a devoted husband, father, and produce man, he was a loyal friend to Lorelai and Rory, he slept with his vegetables to protect his crop.

    Cons: He never got the vasectomy Sookie wanted him to get... so she ended up pregnant.
  • (#7) Zack Van Gerbig

    Zack: The passionate songwriter and Lane's clueless, yet well-meaning boyfriend.

    Pros: He always tried to do right by Lane and her mom, he was just as passionate about music as Lane, he was a responsible dad and husband.

    Cons: He started out as kind of a womanizer, and he needed to be told what to do more often than not.
  • (#6) Doyle McMaster

    Paris's paramour was just as quirky as she was. Despite their ups and downs, they made it work.

    Pros: He genuinely loved and supported Paris and he was a good friend to Rory.

    Cons: As Paris and Rory's editor, he was less endearing than annoying.
  • (#13) Jason “Digger” Stiles

    Lorelai's short-lived romance with Digger ended with him asking her to choose him over her family, so needless to say, it didn't end well. 

    Pros: He and Lorelai had some history (summer camp) and he seemed to make her happy... for a little while anyway.

    Cons: Literally everything about him was wrong for her, he made her sleep in a separate room because he was a light sleeper, he didn't have a great relationship with his family, and he eventually ruined his relationship with Lorelai's parents. 
  • Marty on Random Love Interests on Gilmore Girls

    (#11) Marty

    Rory found him lying naked in the hall of her dorm and he lived in the friend zone forever after.

    Pros: He's a good, down to earth guy who was always kind to Rory.

    Cons: He ended up with Rory's college friend, Lucy, and lied about knowing Rory.

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Gilmore Girls is a comedy series that aired on The WB in October 2000. After The WB merged with UPN, it premiered in The CW. This drama is one of the famous series of The WB. The show is known for its fast-paced dialogue into popular culture. It has also been nominated for many awards and won an Emmy Award, the successful TV show has also influenced the popular culture of love concept.

It is common for actors who play such a long-running drama as the characters in the dramas gradually grow up. The random tool lists 13 love interests on Gilmore Girls you must be interested in.

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