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  • Apocalypse on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#4) Apocalypse

    What You Thought His Superpower Does: Most mutants are intrinsically linked to their superpowered abilities. Anyone who knows Wolverine knows about his healing and claws, and anyone who knows of Cyclops knows about his powerful optic blasts. Apocalypse is an exception to that rule. What exactly are his powers, anyway? He's from ancient Egypt, he's immortal, and he brings about an apocalypse. But, seriously, what does he do? 

    What His Superpower Actually Does: Apocalypse's only inherent ability is known as self-molecular manipulation. Basically, Apocalypse can change his molecular structure, allowing him to regenerate his body if damaged and change it into pretty much any form. His trademark armor, swiped from a Celestial, increases his power level even further. The ill-gotten armor allows him to project Celestial energy blasts and makes him physically strong enough to square up against the Hulk. 

  • Kingpin on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#10) Kingpin

    What You Thought His Superpower Does: As the Kingpin of the underworld, Wilson Fisk has men to do his dirty work. This has led to him gaining weight and earned him a lifetime of cruel jokes at the hands of Spider-Man. 

    What His Superpower Actually Does: Kingpin has only nine pounds of fat on his entire body. The rest of his massive frame? Pure muscle. This muscle gives Kingpin basically superhuman levels of strength. Kingpin can easily go fist-to-fist with Daredevil and can even take on the massively powerful Spider-Man in a fight. At one point in time, Kingpin used a 1,500-pound dumbbell as a tool against Spidey, effortlessly swinging it around the room. 

  • Venom on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#13) Venom

    What You Thought His Superpower Does: Venom is often thought to be little more than a monstrous shadow of Spider-Man. He climbs walls, shoots black webs, and has massive scary teeth (uh, like a spider?). 

    What His Superpower Actually Does: On its own, the symbiote typically manifests tendrils and a gnarly set of teeth as its weapons of choice. It wasn't until the Venom symbiote bonded with Peter Parker that it borrowed his powers and kept them as part of its own powerset. When the symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock later on, it used its knowledge of Peter Parker to give Brock similar Spider-like abilities. 

  • Mystique on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#8) Mystique

    • X-Men: Legacy

    What You Thought Her Superpower Does: Mystique, AKA Raven Darkholme, is one of the most consistent and prominent X-Men antagonists. Raven has duked it out with Xavier's students across all forms of media, including comics, TV shows, and films. She's a shapeshifter who can turn into any human being. 

    What Her Superpower Actually Does: Mystique's mutant ability allows her to alter her body on a cellular level. Thus, she can mimic any humanoid (or semi-humanoid appearances) and their clothing (yes, Mystique is naked at all times and morphs her body to resemble clothes). Because Mystique can alter her cells, she can manipulate her own body without necessarily changing her appearance to resemble someone else, like when she moves her organs around in her body or grows an extra limb or two. 

  • Green Goblin on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#14) Green Goblin

    • Marvel 1602

    What You Thought His Superpower Does: Norman Osborn is known for running Oscorp, being the father of Harry, and also having a wild alter ego called the Green Goblin. The Goblin's often shown using his various gadgets, like his glider and pumpkin bombs, but there's more to the Goblin than the weapons he fights with. 

    What His Superpower Actually Does: Norman Osborn developed the Goblin Formula to rival the Super-Soldier Serum taken by Captain America. Taking the formula didn't just make Osborn bonkers; it did actually succeed in mimicking the physical augmentations given to Rogers by the Super-Soldier Serum. Osborn has enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and durability, plus a healing factor. 

  • Juggernaut on Random Famous Supervillains Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Think

    (#7) Juggernaut

    What You Thought His Superpower Does: Nothing can stop the Juggernaut. That oft-uttered statement is the best descriptor of what Cain Marko, AKA the Juggernaut, is capable of. It's commonly believed Marko's mutant ability is that once he gets any momentum at all, he can't be stopped. Not by anyone. 

    What His Superpower Actually Does: Cain Marko is the step-brother of Charles Xavier. Yet, even with Cain's proximity to such an integral mutant leader, he himself is not a mutant. His powers are a great deal more mysterious and convoluted. Marko gained them after happening upon the temple of Cyttorak while stationed in Korea. In the temple, Cain was possessed by Cyttorak and given incredible power, making him a human juggernaut. 

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