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  • Voyage Of The Damned (2007) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#3) Voyage Of The Damned (2007)

    The third holiday special finds the 10th Doctor at a Christmas party aboard a retro-futuristic spaceship called the Titanic. When the robot angel servants turn on the passengers and the ship begins hurtling toward Earth, the Doctor and a small group of passengers, including guest star Kylie Minogue, must fight for their lives.

    This self-contained episode is one of the most-watched of the New Who era, likely due to its star power and familiar location. The Doctor once again asks someone to be his companion, but he's unsuccessful. Kylie Minogue’s Astrid is both brave and beautiful, but unfortunately, she doesn't make it out of the caper alive.

  • The Snowmen (2012) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#10) The Snowmen (2012)

    This visually appealing holiday special features a sneering Richard E. Grant (voiced by Ian McKellen), evil sentient snow, and the return of Jenna Coleman, this time as soon-to-be companion, Clara.

    Depressed after the loss of his companions Amy and Rory, the 11th Doctor slumps around 19th-century London until Clara, a bright governess and bar maid who feels familiar to him, demands his help fighting alien snow. She flummoxes the Time Lord by shunning his classic “It’s bigger on the inside!” exchange, instead proclaiming, “It’s smaller on the outside!”

  • The Husbands Of River Song (2015) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#9) The Husbands Of River Song (2015)

    River Song (Alex Kingston) is part Time Lord, part adventurer, part outlaw, and part romantic - and many believe she's the one and only true match for the Doctor. This holiday special presents River with multiple “husbands,” each of whom serves her needs in different ways. Like everyone else, she believed the Doctor was out of regenerations, so she doesn't recognize Twelve (Peter Capaldi) when they first meet. River brings him along on her caper, during which she speaks openly about her love for the Doctor and their complicated relationship.

    Once their quest is complete and the Doctor has made himself known, his signature grouchiness has melted away. The two travel to a planet called Darillium to enjoy a beautiful Christmas dinner date and spend their (very long) last night together.

  • The Time Of The Doctor (2013) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#8) The Time Of The Doctor (2013)

    In this episode, the Doctor nearly perishes from old age, as lore tells us that the Doctor should have used up all of his regenerations. The New Who writers, however, had other plans. Not only does this holiday special introduce Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, but Matt Smith’s Eleven goes out in a blaze of glory, using his regeneration energy to save humanity from his nemeses, the Daleks.

    This holiday special attempts the Herculean task of tying up the countless plot threads introduced throughout Eleven's time on the TARDIS. Though it's more focused on a grand, fez-topped farewell than Christmas festivities, no one can claim this episode isn’t epic.

  • The Christmas Invasion (2005) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#1) The Christmas Invasion (2005)

    This episode is the first of many holiday specials in the New Who era, and it's our first introduction to David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. This festive special features firearm-wielding masked Santa figures, spinning Christmas trees, and an alien sword fight.

    We see the Doctor’s companion, Rose (Billie Piper), tending to the Time Lord in the aftermath of his regeneration. The Doctor spends most of the episode passed out, while Rose worries whether he's still the Doctor she knows. The primary threat of the episode is an alien race called the Sycorax, who wish to take half the world’s population as slaves. Ten wakes up just in time to face off against the Sycorax leader and defend Earth.

  • The Return Of Doctor Mysterio (2016) on Random "Doctor Who" Holiday Special

    (#15) The Return Of Doctor Mysterio (2016)

    This light, festive holiday special tells a superhero story in Whovian style. Justin Chatwin stars as the Ghost, a masked vigilante who the 12th Doctor accidently bestowed alien-borne powers upon in his youth. The episode is chock-full of all the superhero tropes you might expect - it’s cute, warm, and plenty of fun.

    This was the first Doctor Who episode to air in a year and the second to feature Matt Lucas as Nardole. Nardole is a strange, funny fellow who travels with Twelve, making a great foil for the often grumpy Doctor.

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On Christmas Day, people will wake up early and open gifts under the Christmas tree, and have meals with their families. It is undeniable that many people like to watch the story of an alien man with a British accent who saved the universe. This is the must-see Christmas special of "Doctor Who" every year, which is part of the Christmas tradition for many people.

For more than ten years, every Christmas special of "Doctor Who" has continued the plot, although sometimes these specials are a bit far from the Christmas theme, they can always perfectly blend the festive atmosphere and the weird plot. The random tool list all of the 15 "Doctor Who" holiday specials you should know.

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