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  • (#12) Shorting Severance Pay

    From Redditor /u/Mode1961:

    In Nova Scotia, Canada, severance pay is paid on the average of your last 30 days of pay. This means that some companies will actually reduce your hours for your last month with them (if they are going to lay you off). Happened to my wife. She worked for this company for 5 years, worked 35+ hours per week, suddenly she wasn't getting shifts. BOOM, lay-off notice. Happened to other folks too.

  • (#6) Companies Track Deed Registrations To Trick New Owners

    From Redditor /u/fathqua:

    When I was in the process of moving into my current home, I transferred the title of my old home and land to my sister because she was buying it and moving in when I left. Within the next few weeks she started getting all the 'welcome to the neighborhood' coupons and flyers. She didn't even change her address, so I assume companies track title changes with the register of deeds.

    The sketchiest was a pest control company claiming to have an existing account on the property and recommending she continue to use their services. They detailed dates and changes; referenced termites. It was all lies. All the dates shown were while I owned the property and I never even heard of this company before she received that letter.

  • (#3) Not Sending Your Credit Card Statement

    From Redditor /u/quietman85:

    I worked in the collections department of Discover Card for a while. One thing they did (maybe still do), to lure customers to them is offer 0% APR for the first year. People would jump on this and transfer all their debt onto their new Discover Card, and then the company would 'conveniently' not send the first month's bill. In the fine print of the agreement, it states that if you miss even one payment in that first year, your APR will jump to 29.95%.

    Half of my calls were to these new customers who would then proceed to throw a fit, because they didn't ever get the bill, and I had to explain to them that it was their job to know when the bill was due, and sending one was just a courtesy extended by the company. I hated hated hated that job. It ate away at my soul.

  • (#11) Raccoon Planting

    From Redditor /u/icarusOW:

    I know a guy who does pest control who specializes in raccoon removal. He takes the raccoons from one house in one neighborhood, then takes and releases it in another neighborhood then waits for the people there to reach out to him to remove the raccoon from their home.

  • (#17) People Lie About Money

    From Redditor /u/moderate_extremist:

    People lie about salary, starting pay, raises, etc. all the time. Learn to play hardball. For a multi-million dollar company, another $10-20k is nothing.

    My office had a lock-down on raises over 3% and going into an annual review I learned that my boss had lied and under paid me for the starting position (He claimed they had a $60k budget for the position and couldn't exceed it. I found out the last person in the job got paid $75k).

    So, I got an offer from a competitor for over double my current pay, knew they couldn't afford to lose me with the amount of work coming in, and slid my offer letter over to my boss during the review. They matched the offer, gave me a $10,000 bonus up front, and even cut me into a percentage of a business line. The meeting was awkward as hell, and it was difficult to do, but it's business.

  • (#13) Green-Washing

    From Redditor /u/Too_Much_Prego:

    Many companies claim to be environmentally friendly by putting made-up certifications on their products. Like a frog in a circle that says 'rainforest friendly'. There are very few legitimate environmental certifications. It's called 'green washing'.

    Basically, companies will claim certain aspects of their product to be environmentally friendly but not have any type of certification to back them up.

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The reality is that the public’s trust in more companies is continuing to decline. This is the result of decades of uninterrupted political and financial turmoil. As far as contemporary public opinion is concerned, there seems to be no absolute fairness in the business world. What the public is more seeking is greater transparency of enterprises, so as to ensure that the products and services they sell are safer and more effective.

Regrettably, some tricks that sound like conspiracy theories are real, and it is true that some unreasonable or even improper business practices are businesses that do not want consumers to blame. The random tool tells you 17 dirty tricks practiced by businesses that you never noticed before.

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