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  • Limo Night in the City on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#7) Limo Night in the City

    Celebrate like a famous rock star by renting a luxurious limousine to take you and your friends where ever you want to go. Go out to dinner and a play or just take in the sights, cruising around the city. Either way it will be a birthday to remember.
  • Throwback Board Game Night on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#17) Throwback Board Game Night

    Have a retro birthday by playing your favorite childhood boardgames. You can set up different stations with games like Trouble and Chutess and Ladders or invite your friends to join you for an all night Risk tournament.
  • Mardi Gras on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#22) Mardi Gras

    Host a Mardi Gras themed party for your 18th birthday by providing colorful masks and beads to your guests.  Play traditional New Orleans style Jazz and Zydeco music to give your party an authentic feel.
  • Surprise Party on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#1) Surprise Party

    Who doesn't love a surprise Party?  Send out an Evite to the guest of honor's friends and family indicating that this party is a surprise.  Book the party at the birthday boy's favorite restaurant and them lure him there under the guise of a small dinner with friends. 

    He will be surprised and touched that all of his family and friends worked together to throw him a great 18th birthday party.

  • Backyard BBQ on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#5) Backyard BBQ

    Invite your friends to celebrate your 18th birthday with a backyard BBQ. Grill up your favorite foods and organize a bean bag tournament for your guests.
  • Candy Goody Bags on Random Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    (#23) Candy Goody Bags

    Feel like a kid again by providing your guests with candy goody bags. Personalize these favors with your favorite childhood treats like Nerds and Reese Pieces.

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