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  • 'Round and Round' By Tevin Campbell on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#4) 'Round and Round' By Tevin Campbell

    Prince produced and wrote this song for Graffiti Bridge, the sequel to Purple Rain that he also wrote and starred in. The film bombed and was panned by critics, but the song was a success on the R&B and pop charts peaking at #12 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the R&B charts.

    The song, which was the first single from Tevin's debut album T.E.V.I.N, is also sampled in the opening credits of Top Chef.

  • 'Pray' By M.C. Hammer on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#5) 'Pray' By M.C. Hammer

    The hip-hop artist is best known for his hit "U Can't Touch This," but it turns out this song, from the same album was actually his biggest Billboard hit peaking at #2. It's one of the few songs for which Prince gave permission to sample his music, in this case "When Doves Cry." 

  • 'Nothing Compares 2 U' By Sinead O'Connor on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#1) 'Nothing Compares 2 U' By Sinead O'Connor

    The title is already a pretty good indicator that Prince was involved with the use of "2" and "U." The track was actually written for The Family, a band formed by Prince and signed to his label, Paisley Park Records. 

    The song was on their self-titled album but it was never released and so received little notice, that is until O'Connor sung a cover in honor of her mom shortly after she died. 

    Prince recorded at live version January 27, 1992 at Paisley Park with The New Power Generation and released it on his box set, "The Hits/The B Sides."

  • 'Jungle Love' By The Time on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#7) 'Jungle Love' By The Time

    The Time, formed by Prince, included Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis before they were writing and producing hits for the likes of Janet Jackson. In 1984, they released this hit, which peaked at #20 on the Hot 100 chart.

    Former The Time guitarist Jesse Johnson later disputed Prince's involvement as a producer and writer telling NME in 1986, "Prince is such an a**hole. I wrote, played and produced stuff like 'Jungle Love,' that's my sound."

  • 'Love... Thy Will Be Done' By Martika on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#6) 'Love... Thy Will Be Done' By Martika

    The single, released in 1991, reached the top 10 on the pop charts in the U.S., the U.K., France, and Australia. Prince occasionally performed the song during his tours in the late '90s and in 2012 and he sampled it for his cover of Joan Osborne's "One of Us" on his album Emancipation.

  • 'Yo Mister' By Patti LaBelle on Random Songs You Had No Idea Were Written by Princ

    (#8) 'Yo Mister' By Patti LaBelle

    It was one of LaBelle's highest-charting R&B hits, peaking at #6. Not only did Prince write the song, but he's featured on background vocals and playing various instruments. 

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Prince is a worldwide famous singer, musician, and record producer. He is considered to be one of the greatest musicians of this generation. Prince recorded more than 30 albums, won 7 Grammys and other great awards. In fact, he not only owns many hits and successful albums but sometimes he wrote many songs for other artists. You must not know his other stage names Jamie Starr and Joey Coco.

He made great contributions to the development of music. Have you listened to his songs? The random tool generates 10 items, including songs you probably didn't know Prince wrote, such as a famous song Round and Round by Tevin Campbell.

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