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  • Door to Hell on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#18) Door to Hell

    • Derweze, Turkmenistan

    The Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan, also known as the "Door to Hell," has been burning for over four decades. Soviet geologists discovered the crater in 1971 and it continues to burn. One particularly adventurous explorer has donned a special suit and actually dived into the hole. 

  • West Virginia State Penitentiary on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#5) West Virginia State Penitentiary

    • Moundsville, West Virginia, USA

    This penitentiary in operated for over a century until its closure in 1995.  Over the course of its run, 83 men were hanged for their crimes and 9 more were killed by electrocution. Visitors to the old prison have reported seeing a "Shadow Man," a creepy silhouette figure who roams the prison grounds, who many assume is a former prisoner. The prison was also constructed upon the Adena Native American tribe's sacred burial site. 



  • The Dargavs (City of the Dead), Russia on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#15) The Dargavs (City of the Dead), Russia

     Out in the middle of nowhere in North Ossetia, Russia are these ancient crypts, the oldest of which might date back to the twelfth century. The village even has its own watchtower, possibly to look over the souls that can’t escape.

  • Poveglia on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#3) Poveglia

    Poveglia is a small island with a terrifying past. In 1922, a mental hospital was constructed on the island. According to local legend, one doctor was particularly interested in running torturous experiments on his patients. Patients were butchered horrendously before falling, or being thrown from, a bell tower. Locals believe that at least 160,000 unfortunate souls resided on the island over its forty or so years as an asylum. Unsurprisingly, the island attracts ghost hunters, fans of the paranormal, and curious tourists. 

  • Stull Cemetery on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#27) Stull Cemetery

    • Stull, Kansas, USA

    Known to be one of seven gateways to hell, Stull Cemetery earned a reputation for Satanic sightings, ghostly apparitions, strange banging and voices, and drunk teenagers. But if you want to get to hell, you'll have to find one of those other six gateways. You supposedly entered this one via an old church which collapsed and was torn down in 2002

  • Hashima Island on Random Scariest Real Places on Planet Earth

    (#25) Hashima Island

    • Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

    Some 9 miles off Nagasaki's coast lies this decrepit coal mining site built in the 1880s that Japanese engineering company Mitsubishi turned into a huge facility to house workers and their families. By the 1960s this dreary, dank place was "home" to around 5,000 people.

    During World War II, it was a far from pleasant home to Korean and Chinese war prisoners, and as many as five workers a month died as a result of accidents.

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