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  • (#1) A Weird Town In Georgia

    From Redditor /u/Roflmoo:

    "I was driving through Georgia. As I live in Florida, there aren't many out-of-state trips that don't involve Georgia at some point. Unfortunately, I made a bad decision to wait just one more exit and entered a long strip of highway with no streetlights, no civilization, and no other cars. Usually, I like having the road to myself, but with all the deer crossing signs, I was worried about getting help if I had an accident. I waited a while until I had service on my cell phone and sent a text to my girlfriend at the time, 'So now I'm in the middle of Georgia, surrounded by dense forest, going 45 mph in a deer crossing zone. If you don't hear from me, send a search party.'

    I finally reached the next exit and pulled off to find a hotel. The road wasn't paved well, but that's not uncommon in the south. What was uncommon what when it turned to a narrow dirt road. At this point I wanted to turn back. I would have if the road were wide enough, but with the trees growing so close on either side, the fat ass on my old 2000 Ford Taurus didn't have the turning ability. I turned the radio on just so I wouldn't imagine hearing 'dueling banjos' coming from the trees and kept driving until the inevitable driveway or parking lot where I could turn. I didn't get anything but static on the radio but I kept flipping stations to give myself something else to focus on. Eventually I found a grainy talk radio AM station. It was static-y but I could tell it was some kind of comedy. There was laughing and music so it made me feel better. I stopped my car for a second to read the reply from my text earlier, a simple 'k. be careful.' I replied and kept driving.

    The road opened up eventually, and I had the room to turn around. As I did I nearly crapped myself. I couldn't see the surrounding area before turning and I assumed it was all trees. As I turned my headlights lit up the area around me. An entire town, full of people, men women and children, in the middle of the night, with no lights on, all just standing there, staring at me.

    I actually screamed, and floored it, making it back to the main road in what seemed like seconds. I have no idea what happened, I have not been able to figure out where I was on a map, and I know I didn't dream the whole thing because I checked my phone messages and the times add up. That place, wherever it was, is the scariest place I have ever been."

  • (#18) Several Scary Places In Virginia

    From Redditor /u/Tylerjb4:

    "I've got a few local ones.

    Crawford Road. Allegedly lots of lynchings on the road. A lady hung herself off the bridge on her wedding day.

    St. Alban's Sanatorium is another freaky place. An Indian land that had a civil war battle on it and later an asylum. Little bit of everything there.  

    And finally there's Green Springs Road, a narrow road in the middle of a enormous clearing. Theres grass for a few square miles with a few old trees scattered. Green Springs is one of the oldest plantations in America. Very thick fog settles there almost every night and tons of deer graze in the field. All you see is little eyes peering out of the fog at you. Lots of people also say they have seen a woman in the field at night just standing there."

  • (#10) Haunted Castle Ruins In Scotland

    From Redditor /u/asmosdeus:

    "On the west coast of Scotland there's a castle near the sea where every morning and night the Sea Haar (stereotypical horror fog) rolls in. The castle is in complete ruins.

    The story goes that the small castle was occupied just by husband and wife. One day the husband drowns her in the surrounding loch and buries her in the bog. Soon after the husband was found dead in the loch and it's said the ghost of the wife roams the bog to this day.

    I went to go visit this place and I decided the preset dirt path was boring and soar on my feet, so I walked across the bog. After a couple minutes I hear a gentle female voice echoing all around me, a long soothing shush, but to me it was anything but soothing. I looked all around me to see nobody, and said to thin air; 'Hello?' To no response I realized where I was standing, the bog, and ran.

    I hope this is just speakers for a tourist attraction to keep up the myth of the ghost wife, or I'm at least just going insane.

    If not, there's going to be heck to pay when I die. That scared the crap out of me."

  • (#7) The Killing Fields In Cambodia

    From an anonymous Redditor:

    "The killing fields and S-21 prison in Cambodia. So haunting. Human bones still sticking out of the dirt paths, a huge stupa full of human skulls with holes in them from where they were bludgeoned to death. And the prison is a former school turned into a torture chamber. There are rooms full of pictures of mug shots where people hold up numbers like criminals, but but they are just ordinary people: men, women, children, elderly. The looks on their faces will give you nightmares."

  • (#12) Creepy Farm With Former Convalescent Home

    From Redditor /u/icantmakethisup:

    "My friend's family owns a farm in a rural area. There's a house on the farm that is vacant now, but used to be a convalescent home. The front door is blocked off by boxes an other crap. So, the only way to enter is through the morgue in the basement. When you get in the house (it's old, probably built early Victorian/late Civil War era) it's all rickety, and of course the first thing you see is a rocking chair and a spinning wheel. One room is blocked off by a mountain of boxes and furniture. My friend's dad (who is a big, really strong man) will not let anyone in there, and made his kids promise to never, ever go in there. Something in that room scared this huge, grown man from ever entering again. True story."

  • (#19) Odessa Catacombs In The Ukraine

    From an anonymous Redditor:

    "The Odessa Catacombs.

    Imagine being stuck in a 3-level maze of pitch-black mines, 2,500 kilometers long. After the days of constant walking, screaming, and contemplating every regret you have, and every experience you will never have, your body collapses to the ground, exhausted and unable to go any further. The rats would probably eat you alive before your body gives out. There are hundreds of exits, but good luck finding one."

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