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  • (#6) "You Could Go To The CEO, And He'd Say No"? Drafting The Email Now

    From Redditor u/Leviathan41911

    I bought a laptop from a large fortune 500 company. After about 2 years the hinges on the laptop broke and it was almost, but not quite, out of warranty. I called the service center and they refused to replace it. I called, got the run around, and each time they refused to fix it or even send me the part.

    Eventually I was speaking with a low level customer service manager and I told them I would keep trying to escalate this until someone honnered the warranty. Then he replied "You can escalate this all the way to the CEO and he wouldn't even do it." Well it was at that moment, it clicked.

    See, I used to work for this Computer company. I didn't know the CEO, Mr. Bell, but while I was employed there he would occasionally send mass emails out to the staff. The email was also a combination of initials and names, so it was easy to remember. Alright then, let's play. I hung up the phone and drafted an email to CEO of X Computers, just like the helpful customer service rep said I should do.. I wrote in the email about being a former employee, how the run around with customer service was awful, how I just wanted the part to fix my laptop.

    The next day I got a phone call from Mr. CEO's executive assistant. I spoke with her for about 15 minutes about everything that happened, she took my info and my computer service number and said she would forward it to the VP of customer service. I got an email the following day saying it part had shipped.

  • (#13) Take What's Mine? I'll Take It All

    From Redditor u/janethebrain1298

    My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago, but there have been complications with the apartment because we are both on the lease, and blah blah blah. But I found a new place to live and moved out last weekend. I got the important stuff out, but there were still a few small boxes left and I didn’t go through the kitchen because I didn’t know what my new roommate had. My ex helped me move, and everything was going very well and we were being cordial.

    Well, last night, my ex asked me to come over to pick up a few of the small boxes that were in the closet, and to say hi to his dog who was sad that I was gone. So I go over there...I play with his dog. Everything is good. Then I asked him if he minded if I took the dish brush because my new house didn’t have one. I asked because I bought this dish brush just a couple weeks ago, and I even splurged on a nicer one (like $5 lol).

    Side note: I am the only person in our relationship who ever bought household items like this. I just moved into a new place where the rent is higher. I’ve had to pay for a moving truck, and all the other little things associated with moving somewhere new. The last thing I want to do is go to the store and drop another $50 or so buying a bunch of little things I literally just bought a couple weeks ago.

    Apparently asking for the dish brush triggered him, and he made the ridiculous dictate (at 8 pm on Wednesday, mind you) that I could take anything I that’s mine TONIGHT, but anything that was there when I left THAT NIGHT would be his property now.

    I, annoyed, said no, that I don’t agree to this. I immediately said the dish brush was not a big deal. I told him that I did not come prepared (with boxes, bags, etc) to get everything I wanted from the kitchen. I said I could do this tomorrow or any other day of his choosing. I begged him to compromise. I told him I wouldn’t take the dish brush or anything that he said he wanted. However, he only tripled down, and refused to budge from his ridiculous demand.

    So I became very irate. I told him that if he was going to make me move all my dishes out in plastic trash bags tonight, that I was going to take every last thing that was mine. Again, I am the only person who ever bought anything like pots, spices, utensils, cleaning supplies, etc. I was planning on leaving most of it with him because my new roommate already has a lot of this stuff, but I decided that if he was going to make such a ridiculous rule, then I would take it all. I took the dish brush, the sponges (used and unused), all my spices, the soap, the utensils, all the pots, the Tupperware, the toothpicks, the toilet paper, the pillows, the wall hooks, the coat hangers...I even took the light bulbs. I took it ALL!

    Did I yell? Yes. Was I petty? Absolutely. But I think it is quite petty to make a demand on the spot, that everything I don’t take tonight becomes his when this was not the pretense under which I came over, and I was obviously not prepared.

  • (#15) Can Only Wear What You Tell Me? Got It

    From Redditor u/Intergalactic_Toast

    I was a one man army against school policy at my school. A lot of the policy was harmful towards poorer students / just did not make sense and my spectrum brain couldn't handle the stupidity... I was on a thread and recalled this story between me and one of the jerk teachers at school.

    One time I didnt want to go to school because my shoes had holes in them. My mum let me wear my trainers and sent me with a note, but she had bad handwriting so they thought I faked it. One of the teachers started quoting the dress code at me and threw away my note when I gave it to them.

    They brought some manky shoes from lost and found and tried to make me wear them, so I straight up told them to f*ck off. It pissed him off so he tried to grab my foot and force one on, so I screamed 'sirs a nonse sirs a nonse he's innapropiately touching me' and while the other students found it hilarious , he didn't so I got an in school suspesion.

    He ran the isolation wing, so I ended up going and sitting in this room with him and some others, but the ridiculousness of the whole thing made me competely disilusioned with his authority. Him throwing away my note and grabbing my foot made me fully convinced he didn't give a sh*t about the policy he was enforcing, so why should I ? Started swinging in my chair and singing loudly and he told me to stop, so I told him to f*ck off. He asked if I wanted to be sent home so I said no sh*t I wanted to be sent home, thats where all my games and sh*t were.

    He said I was there to learn the rules so sit down and shut up and I said if I was in there for breaking the rules, why the f*ck would I follow them now? He said that kind of talk would end up putting me in prison, so I said 'so would touching kids you f*cking nonse...' That was the last straw and he sent me home for the day.

    I spent the day brushing up on school policy. Turns out for a uniform violtion, you're supposed to get a warning. I came back the next day wearing the wrong jumper, he yelled at me, I showed him the policy, he warned me and said he didn't want to see any jumper or shoes that werent school uniform... So I came back next day wearing different trousers. He yelled at me again, so naturally I asked him to be specific about what he wanted me to wear. He said if it was in the school policy, I could wear it... Great. I started coming in in gym clothes and trainers.

    The same trainers from before. Turns out theres a whole seperate uniform for gym days, and most people change on the day, but there is no rule that says you have to or that you can't wear the uniform on other days. He tried to take me to see the head teacher when he saw me, thinking it was grounds for expulsion... but I was an otherwise good kid grades wise, so the head teacher asked why I wasn't complying. I said I was just simply confused about the policy.

    The head master took some time to explain it to me while I patiently waited for him to finish... Then I innocently enquired as to what the schools policy was around destruction of personal property or touching other students below the belt. Apparently it's absolutely not allowed ... Not even a note... Asked if the same rules applied to teachers, it did... So I turned round and asked the other teacher 'so why did you put your hands on me and try to physically force me to change, and why did you destroy my note?

    Head master looked at the teacher, teacher looked at me, then him, then me... Head master asked for the room so I stepped outside .. Don't really know what was said but there was about ten minuites of yelling and then I was invited back in. Headmaster asked for the full story so I gave it to him including my insubordination etc and the whole time the headmaster was shooting daggers at the other teacher.

    Turns out the teacher didn't have nearly as much authority as he claimed he did. When he sent students home, he had been altering their files the mark them as absent for the day and had been going behind the head masters back to dole out extra punishments. Nobody else had questioned his authority before because he was a bit of a jerk and I'd been the first one stubborn enough to call him on his bs.

    He didn't get fired but he got some kind of formal warning and I was allowed to keep wearing gym clothes as a special exception on mental health grounds... Looking back I'm fairly confident that it was so we wouldn't sue or report the teacher lol

  • (#4) Take You To Court? Sure Thing

    From Redditor u/theb00kmancometh

    The School where my sister & I had studied was in my hometown. We knew almost all the teachers since they were practically our neighbours.

    When it came to the time I graduated from school, the Principal had retired and the Vice Principal took over as the principal.

    The Vice-Principal was also from the same town and for some unknown reason had some sort of grudge against my father. In local gatherings etc he would always try to belittle my father at all chances he could get. My father would normally let it pass since he knows that getting into silly arguments with such a jerk is totally unproductive.

    When my sister and I had joined the school, my father was required to pay a refundable deposit of 5,000 per child, which would be returned back at the time each child graduated from the school.

    10,000 Rupees of 90s was a large amount then and is equivalent to 95,000 Rupees of the present time.

    I graduated in 1989. When my father enquired about the refund, the VP had informed him that since my sister would be graduating in 1 year's time, both the deposits would be returned together.

    So, when my sister graduated from school, my father requested the school to refund both the deposits. There was no response even after two weeks and my father personally went to the school to demand the refund. The VP, being the egotistical jerk, started arguing with my father stating that the school cant refunds the deposits. The Argument became very heated and he outright refused point blank and said

    "We are not returning the deposits. Do what you can. You can take us to court if you want!"

    My father went silent, got up and left the school, came home, sat down with mom, went through all the school-related documents she had kept (my mom had a very meticulous documentation system. she used to save every receipt, bill, stub etc)

    He found the receipts for the deposits. he took them to his Lawyer friend. My dad informed his friends (whose children were in the same school) about the issue.

    The Lawyer filed the case and took the school to court. The school couldn't provide any reason for withholding the deposits and fighting with the parent.
    My dad won.
    The school was instructed to pay back the deposits with interest and the court dues.

    My father's friends who were in the PTA took up the issue in the subsequent PTA meeting and got the school's trustee board to ensure that such issues won't be dealt with in the same manner and all deposits will be refunded in time and strictly warned the VP not to bring personal grudges into school business. Other parents who were owed deposits but had forgotten about it, starts claiming them. Cost the school a lot, to pay back the deposits.

  • (#10) Need The Husband To Show Up? I'll Show Up In A Truck

    From Redditor u/onanonanon19

    My wife is a Doc. She tired of the frequent service visits her Merc required and visited an Infiniti store. She was told that she could not drive a Q45 unless I was present.

    She called me at work; not far from the dealer. Salesman confirmed what she said ... we must both be present for the test drive. Idiots.

    The landscaping crew was doing their thing outside my office, so I decided to employ them in my subterfuge. I changed into my workout clothes, rolled around in the grass and paid Hector $100 to drive his rusted-out, extended cab pick-up and long trailer loaded with mowers ... me and his crew, to the dealership.

    The dealer was located downtown, on a postage stamp lot ... and there was no place to park the truck & trailer without completely bolixing their only street entrance and parking lot entry.

    They: Move your truck!

    Me: You told me I had to be here for the test drive.

    They: Who are you?

    Me: Her husband. You called me away from mowing the ...

    They: Your POS truck is blocking everything! (Correct!)

    Me: Are you going to let the nice lady doctor do a test drive?

    They folded quickly. She bought the Q45 from a different Infiniti dealer.

  • (#8) I Won't Get The Pay? Then I Won't Come In

    From Redditor u/phoenix103082

    When I was a senior in high school, I started working as a cashier at a grocery store. While this was not my first job, it was my first one where I was part of a union and learned about some of the pros and cons of unions (mostly pros like regular raises, breaks, holiday pay, etc.). We had a woman there who was basically our human resources person and we did not get along from even before I worked there. I will call her Sally.

    I came in for my interview and Sally was not there and had left work for the day. I remember apologizing and saying, "I must have mixed up the days. Is there anyway you can find out which is the correct day for my interview?" but the manager on duty advised me that I was correct as they had checked the calendar in her office and she had written it down and so he, the front end supervisor, and the other manager who came in to start his shift all interviewed and hired me instead. I later heard from the group vine that she was working two locations and really wanted to be hired full time at a larger store which would have been a promotion for her but instead she was placed full time at our location only and didn't get promoted and that her missing my interview was the final nail in the coffin for her as this was just one of a long list of mistakes she made. She was always making excuses for why I couldn't put in to be transferred to another department when they were hiring people for those departments like bakery or deli and kept me as cashier even though it was lower pay. Even so, I came back to work there over my winter break for college (I had gone away to college instead of commuting) and also summer break.

    Here is where my malicious compliance comes in: our union states that after a waiting period (I believe it was 3 months) we get "holiday pay" for working Sundays and holidays. (It was time and half). We also are entitled to a raise every 6 months and being away at college is not suppose to effect that since we join the union before leaving and come back on our breaks and still owe our dues during those times when are still part of the union but away at school. I got my first pay check stub for the summer and noticed I did not get my holiday for working that Sunday nor my raise! I spoke with a coworker who advised me to speak with the store manager (He was one of the ones that interviewed me and always looked after his staff) since we were between union reps at the time. He was a born problem solver and told me right away he can fix the payroll error for me and make sure that I got not only the proper wage from now on but that I would get the back for the time I should have gotten the raise but didn't. As far as the holiday pay though that had to be taken care of by Sally since she was in HR and he suggested we go see if she was free and speak with her.

    She just spoke to the both of us in a condescending tone about how this was union policy that I had to start all over again with seniority and that I had to earn that holiday pay again by being there for 3 months. He pointed out, as did I, that I was getting this holiday before leaving for college and even over the winter break that I had worked but she just kept saying to me, "It's union policy." My manager calmly tried to negotiate with her and get her to correct and even stated that other employees had not had to go through this. I finally just raised my hand to silence them both.

    "Okay so you are saying that I can't get my holiday pay even though I was before I left to go back to college at the end of January, due to union policy, correct?" I asked.

    "Yes," she said with a long dramatic sigh that was meant to say, "Like I have been telling you."

    I nodded, grinned and stated, "But union policy also states that I don't have to work holidays or Sundays and that I can't be penalized for refusing to do so, correct?"

    My manager grinned at me like he was very proud of me as he saw exactly where this was going.

    "Well, um yes that is true," Sally said looking a bit nervous.

    "Okay well then, here is the compromise: since union policy states that I can't get the holiday pay for working Sundays and holidays, for the rest of the summer, I will not work any Sundays or holidays and per union policy, I am allowed to do this," I said with a shrug.

    She immediately starting laying on the charm about how I am such a "great worker" and that they "really need me to be there to help out with Sundays and holidays" but I pointed out that they had plenty of other employees who were getting the holiday pay that they count on and I would be glad to return to working holidays and Sundays once I got my holiday for doing so.

    My manager commented that he and I needed to change the schedule and casually mentioned how this was going to be hard as he now had to take me off for next Sunday and Monday (as that Monday was Memorial day) and it was a Thursday but that the store would just have to make it work if they couldn't find anyone willing to come in.

    Once she had left for the day he called me upstairs to his office to help with the schedule since I had to work so many days each week. I walked in to find him and another manager there grinning ear to ear and telling me how proud they were of me for how I handled that situation.

    On Memorial day and the Fourth of July, I got a call asking if I can come in because they had other people call out sick who were scheduled. I just calmly explained that I was no longer working Sundays or holidays and that Sally could explain why. Before the end of the summer she found a new position and quit and the new hr person was much nicer. One of the first things she did was make sure I and a few other college students who had similar issues with the holiday got our holiday pay reinstated and when I requested about a transfer to another department she gladly asked around and had me put in the health and beauty aides department that same week.

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