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  • Downton Abbey on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#12) Downton Abbey

    • TV Program

    If you loved the inner workings of the British aristocracy seen in The Tudors, this series about a lesser lord in the English countryside that is searching for his male heir since his daughters can't inherit his title is a great choice. 

  • The Princess Bride on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#44) The Princess Bride

    • Film
  • The White Princess on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#2) The White Princess

    • TV Program

    This period drama series is a great choice for fans of The Tudors if they're looking for a series taking place in the aftermath of the War of the Roses. 

  • Project Blue Book on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#45) Project Blue Book

    • TV Program
  • Resistance on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#16) Resistance

    • TV Program

    This miniseries surrounding the Irish war for independence is a great choice for people that are interested in the region and want to take a deep dive after finishing The Tudors.

  • The Hot Zone on Random Movies If You Love 'Tudors'

    (#14) The Hot Zone

    This medical thriller series is the perfect change of pace if you need a break from historical dramas like The Tudors.

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The Tudors is a historical fiction television series set primarily in 16th-century England, this TV series tells the story of King Henry VIII who ruled over Britain and his married life, full of legendary British royal family. The series was a collaboration of many countries, including American, British, and Canadian. It's the best time to find other great TV series after finishing The Tudors. There are lots of options.

The page generates 47 items, including more of this kind of drama TV programs, such as the famous series The Spanish Princess, The White Princess, The White Queen, etc. You will find more interesting programs if you love The Tudors.  

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