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Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

  • Hyuna & E'Dawn on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#1) Hyuna & E'Dawn

    The news of former 4Minute member Hyuna and ex-Pentagon member E'Dawn dating led to one of the bigger Kpop stories of 2018. After photos of the couple were released on August 2, 2018, Cube Entertainment quickly shot down the dating rumors. However, later that day, both Hyuna and E'Dawn confirmed the rumors during an interview. According to them, they started dating in May 2016, while working together in their Triple H group. Cube Entertainment ended both their contracts shortly after in fall 2018. 

    On January 27, 2019, Hyuna and E'Dawn signed with PSY's new agency, P-Nation. 

  • Kang Daniel & Jihyo (TWICE) on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#2) Kang Daniel & Jihyo (TWICE)

    On August 5, 2019, former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and TWICE leader Jihyo were confirmed to be dating by their respective agencies, KONNECT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. The news came a week after Daniel's solo debut. According to various reports, the two Kpop stars started dating earlier in the year after being set up by 2AM member Seulong. 

    Most of their dates took place at Daniel's luxury villa in Hannam-dong as to avoid being seen in public together. The pair reportedly were together on July 25, the day of his solo debut.  

  • Heechul (Super Junior) & Momo (TWICE)  on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#3) Heechul (Super Junior) & Momo (TWICE)

    Though it started as a "senior-junior" relationship, Super Junior's Heechul and Twice's Momo are officially a couple. The news was announced on January 2, 2019, after being confirmed by their respective labels, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment. Heechul is 13 years older than Momo.

  • Kim Sohee & Song Yuvin on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#4) Kim Sohee & Song Yuvin

    On August 24, 2019, a photo of Produce 101 contestant Kim Sohee and Produce X 101 contestant Song Yuvin kissing was leaked online. A few days later, the Music Works artists both addressed their fans on their respective social media pages, stating they used to date, but are now friends. Their agency added on, saying they "briefly dated a year ago." 

    In 2017, Yuvin appeared as Sohee's love interest in her "Sobok Sobok" music video.

  • Daisy (Momoland) & Song (iKON) on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#5) Daisy (Momoland) & Song (iKON)

    On February 14, 2019, reports of Momoland's Daisy and iKON's Song dating made headlines. According to MLD Entertainment, the couple has been dating for three months, which marks the start of their relationship around November 2018. YG Entertainment, however, commented that the two have gone on a few dates, but are not in a relationship. 

  • Jennie (BLACKPINK) & Kai (EXO) on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#6) Jennie (BLACKPINK) & Kai (EXO)

    On January 1, 2019, SM Entertainment confirmed EXO's Kai and Blackpink's Jennie were dating. Photos of the pair together were posted in November 2018. The couple reportedly broke up on January 25, 2019 to focus on their careers. However, fans still suspect the two are dating secretly. 

    Since her debut, this was Jennie's first official relationship. Kai dated Krystal of f(x) back in April 2016, which lasted a little more than a year. 

  • G-Dragon & Jooyeon (AFTERSCHOOL) on Random K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

    (#7) G-Dragon & Jooyeon (AFTERSCHOOL)

    Dating rumors between Big Bang leader G-Dragon and former After School member Jooyeon first circulated around late 2016 after fans spotted similarities in their social media posts. A year later, a few selfies featuring the pair were leaked online. Their respective agencies have both denied the rumors, saying they are just good friends. 

    Then, in January 2018, they were seen vacationing together on Jeju Island, a month before G-Dragon went off to serve his two-year mandatory military service. In May 2019, Jooyeon uploaded a video of them together, but quickly deleted it right after. Many G-Dragon fans have called her out for seeking attention by "accidentally" uploading couples pictures/videos. 

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Although these K-pop idols have very busy schedules, they still take efforts to run the relationship and become the strongest support for each other. The random tool lists 7 K-pop idols who are dating in 2020.

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