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  • (#10) Housekeeper Has Traumatizing Experience

    "I worked with a woman who was the head of housekeeping for a large hotel in the area who told me this story.

    There was this woman and her daughter who were local, but checked in the hotel for a few days. One of the housekeepers came to service the room one morning, while the mom was outside by the pool. The housekeeper walked in and found the girl in bed with blood everywhere.

    It turned out the girl came to town to have an abortion, and the mom needed to hide it from the dad. The girl started hemorrhaging in her sleep (while mom was already outside the room), and the housekeeper actually found her in time to save her life.

    The housekeeper was too distraught after all was said and done to clean the room (I can't remember if she quit), so another housekeeper was brought in to finish."

  • (#11) Homeless Man Leaves His Mark Everywhere

    "This one time, I was at work with one other girl, and we had cleaned about 20 rooms that day. We go to our last room at check-out time, we knock on the door, and the door slowly opens. . . Oh my God. 

    There stands a guy no taller than five feet with ripped clothes, track pants, and dirt all over. His hair was a mess, and he had the grossest beard I've ever seen. He clearly lives on the streets and hasn't showered in a few weeks. He tells us he isn't ready to check-out yet, so we leave and go wait at the front desk. Our manager tells us he came in with a voucher for one night from the Salvation Army.  

    We finally see him leave, so we go to the room - remembering what he looked like should have prepared us for what we were about to see, but nope.

    We open the door, and the smell hits us instantly. We walk over to the window to help air it out and notice sweatpants on top of the TV. He pissed himself and left his pants here. Not okay. I walk over to the bathroom as the other girl starts stripping the sheets, and I notice sh*t smeared all over the shower. As I'm standing there trying to figure out what I'm going to do, all I hear from my coworker is "Are you f*cking kidding me?!" I walk out, and she's pointing to the bed saying he pissed the bed. Great, now we need to bring a new mattress up from the basement, but oh wait... She goes to lift up the sheets and we see sh*t f*cking everywhere. 

    At this point, we're both pissed off to the max and disgusted. We call our manager, and he comes in, gets his wife to take care of the sh*t room, so all was well.

    That job f*cking sucked. Got some good stories from there though."

  • (#16) The Case of the Sticky Yellow Trident

    "I used to work part time as [hotel cleaning staff] (I'm a man, so not exactly a maid). Once, I found a sticky, yellow dildo with a smell that will suffocate your soul and scar you for life. It was shaped like a deformed Neptune's trident, with two big poles and a smaller pole, not even half the size of the first two... It was stuck under the mattress, leaving in the middle of it a little sickly green.

    So yeah, f*ck you, Neptune's wife."

  • (#17) Janitor Finds Unattended Newborn Babies

    "My brother is a janitor for Holiday Inn and was once called to fix something in a guest's room while they were out. He opened the door and found what appeared to be three newborn children in the bed.

    It turns out the old couple liked reborn dolls so much they took them on holiday and had added "breathing" mechanisms to them, so the chests would rise and fall like real babies. . ."

  • (#2) Family Trashes Room During Week Stay

    "My mom was a hotel maid, and I worked with her during the summers. I remember one day she was done early with her rooms, so she came to help me finish up, so we could go home. It's always the last freaking room that takes the cake.

    We walked into the room and were automatically hit with the stench of sh*t and vomit. The people staying there were a family of four and were put up because their apartment had flooded or something. Apparently, they had refused cleaning for the last week and now we knew why.

    The bathtub was filled with garbage. One of the walls was smeared with sh*t. Their two-year-old kid had apparently smeared his own [waste] onto the wall, and they just left it like that and it had dried up. There was a corner with a mountain of diapers. The older kid had gotten sick (probably from living in that filth) and had thrown up everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

    My mom and I refused to clean the room. We asked the manager to come and see. It was so disgusting the family got kicked out of the hotel, and we had to call a cleaning company to get the dry [stuff] out of the wall. Child protective services also came and asked us questions.

    Just a complete sh*t show."

  • (#1) Housekeeper Quits Upon Seeing Disgusting Room

    "It was a regular day with a slightly smaller than average schedule of rooms for the day, so I was in a good mood. I had 12 rooms that day. Normally, I'd have 14 to 16.

    So I get to my last room, excited to be close to finishing for the day, and I open the door only to be greeted by a grotesque display of everything that is considered repulsive and dangerous to touch. There were - let's see if I remember this right - used condoms... on the bed accompanied by stains... There was blood all throughout the room - too much blood...

    There were used needles... other random... things: empty pill bottles, broken and unbroken liquor bottles, cigarette butts along with ashes and burn marks, plus tons of trash. 

    Then, the bathroom. There was p*ss everywhere. More blood. Vomit in the tub, in and around the toilet and the ceiling. There was vomit on the ceiling. I nope-d out of the room, called the front desk, and asked them to call the police. The cops came to investigate... the room and probably the people who had rented it and checked out. I left for the day.

    The next day rolls around, and I look at my sheet and see that same room. Confused, I go up to the third floor, and I see the room in the same condition minus the drug stuff. Condoms, vomit, blood, bottles, cigarettes, trash - all still there.

    I call the manager and tell them I'm not doing it. It's a job for a biohazard team. They tell me, "Just get what you can. Wipe everything you can off the surfaces. We'll have a fabric cleaner come in for the rest."

    Nope. I quit. I dealt with small amounts of bodily fluids on a daily basis, and I was fine with it, but that was WAY too much to ask of a 17-year-old kid on minimum wage."

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In order to provide customers with a clean and tidy accommodation environment, the hotel regularly arranges cleaning staff to clean the rooms every day, but the most disgusting guests often make hotel staff collapse. Some hotel staff will tell you that some people staying in the hotel will make them forget their manners, cleanliness, and dignity.

The staff has encountered many hotel guests who can be very rude and do disgusting things that ordinary people have never thought of. Leaving a dirty surprise after check-out might ruin the staff's day. The random tool lists 19 of the most disgusting guests the hotel staff described.

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