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  • Tuna eyeballs on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#9) Tuna eyeballs

    These are apparently a delicious part of East and Southeast Asian cuisine, but we can't get over how they look. Despite making you want to turn away in anguish, these slimy, disturbing eyeballs are actually good for your eyesight. They are served in soups, herb dishes, and --- we hope --- with lots and lots of alcohol. 
  • Jellied Moose Nose on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#11) Jellied Moose Nose

    A Canadian delicacy, jellied moose nose is exactly how it sounds. Boil the nose and jowls, add a couple of onions and chicken broth, let chill, and voila
  • Fermented Shark Bits on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#8) Fermented Shark Bits

    Hákarl, an Icelandic specialty, is a greenland or sleeping shark that has fully rotted and then hung to dry for four or five months. The shark can't be eaten fresh because it's poisonous to humans; it's served in cubes on a toothpick, and first-timers are advised to plug their noses to help with the gagging. Even chef and world-traveller Anthony Bourdain says it's "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing," he's ever eaten. And that guy eats some pretty crazy stuff!
  • Mongolian Boodog on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#18) Mongolian Boodog

    This Mongolian dish involves either a goat or a marmot and cooking the entire body with stones, onions, and salt in the stomach. You'll know when it's done when the fat starts to leak through the skin.
  • Surströmming on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#6) Surströmming

    The Scandinavians land on this list once again. Surstromming is a Swedish staple consisting of fish that has been fermenting in a can of bacteria for an extended period of time. Horrifyingly, the fish's resulting stench is usually so foul that Swedes have to take it outside to eat it. We're not sure why anyone would continue to eat something after literally being forced out of their own home by how disgusting it is, but whatever. Apparently it goes well with sour cream. 
  • A Whole Sheep’s Head  on Random Grossest Foods In World

    (#15) A Whole Sheep’s Head

    Hmmm... I really don't like my food staring right back at me. It makes me feel kind of guilty... all right, I'll eat its eyes first.

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There are many weird foods in the world, and different customs and cultures have also created different eating habits in different places. Some foods make people feel uncomfortable just by looking at them, while others can not know what they are made of. Until people understand the raw material, they may vomit. What are the most disgusting foods in the world? I believe no one would dare to eat these foods at once.

What is the most disgusting food in your memory? Maybe it is on this list. The random tool will show 20 of the grossest foods in the world randomly, such as baby mice wine, human placenta, and more. They are gross, please be mentally prepared before checking.

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