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  • (#2) You Are My Sunshine - Gene Autry

    Most of us are familiar with the refrain of Gene Autry's "You Are My Sunshine." At this point, it's a de facto nursery rhyme and mothers across the country sing the chorus to soothe their crying babies. In reality, those babies should probably keep crying because this isn't the sweet love song we all believe it to be. Instead, it's a gutting, desperate plea to a lover who has left the singer for another man, and it contains a bit of a threat if you listen to more than just the chorus:

    I'll always love you and make you happy
    If you will only say the same
    But if you leave me to love another
    You'll regret it all some day

    Just as it's been sung by many mothers as a lullaby, other artists have recorded this song, including Jimmie Davis and Johnny Cash.

  • (#14) Midnight in Montgomery

    • Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson's 1992 hit "Midnight in Montgomery" isn't your average ghost story. It's a tale about the ghost of Hank Williams, and there's nothing more perfect to spook fellow country fans. Jackson pays homage to Williams by setting the scene on New Year's Eve, which is the day Williams got sick on his way to a show before passing the next day.

    The creepiest line? "Then the wind picked up, he was gone, was he ever really there?"

  • (#1) Knoxville Girl - The Louvin Brothers

    "Knoxville Girl" is perhaps one of the most famous country songs on the planet, and you'd never guess from the lush harmonies that it's about a nefarious deed. The lyrics, however, depict a gruesome scene that happens during what seems like a romantic walk between two lovers. The song's second verse clearly describes the incident, but that's overcome by the upbeat and rhythmic guitar strumming in the background:

    She fell down on her bended knees, for mercy she did cry
    "Oh Willy dear, don't kill me here, I'm unprepared to die"
    She never spoke another word, I only beat her more
    Until the ground around me within her blood did flow

    Never before has something so gruesome been sung in such perfect harmony.

  • (#4) Whiskey Lullaby

    • Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss

    On the surface, Brad Paisley's "Whiskey Lullaby" seems like your average tale of country heartbreak, until you realize that the main character drinks himself to an early grave. If that isn't dark enough, the lover who broke his heart ends up with the same fate because of the guilt. The melody is light, but Paisley's lyrics are much more foreboding:

    He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
    And finally drank away her memory

    Bill Anderson and Jon Randall, who wrote the song, had to practically beg Paisley to record the song, saying , "It wasn't exactly like people were running up and down Music Row looking for double suicide drinking songs." Regardless of the disturbing message, the song hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

  • (#7) Creepin' - Eric Church

    Eric Church's upbeat and fast-talking song seems to be just another heartbreak song, but this one is a bit seedier than most. He's not only describing a descent into madness now that his lover is gone - okay, maybe not your typical asylum-type madness, but not being able to get her out of his head - but he's also describing all the ways he's tried to drown out her memories, and they're not... healthy. He mentions whiskey, caffeine, and controlled substances. He gets so deep into one of them that by the end of the song he almost ODs:

    Just last night I saw the light,
    At the end of that tunnel on the other side,
    Thought I found my way outta this pain,
    Only to find your memory train 

    Take your pick for which one you think brought him to that fate, but the come-down if he survives is going to be brutal either way.

  • (#6) Why They Call It Falling

    • Lee Ann Womack

    Lee Ann Womack has a knack for making every song feel floaty and inspirational, and "Why They Call It Falling" starts off feeling very uplifting, saying that falling in love feels like "walkin' on the ceilin'." But by the end of the song, she's describing love much differently:

    It's like a knife
    Through the heart
    And it all comes apart 

    She continues:

    It's a hole
    It's a cave
    It's kind of like a grave
    When he tells you that he's found somebody new 

    While it's not super clear whether she or her ex-love perishes, few songs have turned from intense joy to overwhelming misery so quickly. 

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