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  • Avid AV12 on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#19) Avid AV12

    A no-nonsense forged wheel evocative of some of the earlier aftermarket racing designs. Chunky and good-looking in a restrained way, the Japanese Avid AV12 would be a perfect fit for any number of classic German sports cars. Avid offers them in 15-inch and 16-inch fitments with multiple Honda bolt patterns, but custom fits are available.

    Look at about $600 a set and at least double that for custom fits.

  • Enkei Aletta on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#5) Enkei Aletta

    Imagine time-warping the Foose pseudo-gasser wheel to the year 2030, and you've got Enkei's Aletta. This 17-to-18-inch wheel would look just right on a lot of modern musclecars, and it's sized to fit most popular applications. Priced about $520 to $600 a set. 
  • Weds Sport Carbon Fiber Wheel on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#2) Weds Sport Carbon Fiber Wheel

    You knew this one had to be here, pure fantasy or no. Weds Sport now offers a line of pure carbon fiber wheels currently priced at between $8,000 and $10,000 a set. That is ungodly expensive, but on the other hand, it's not that much more than some of the priciest forged racing wheels out there.

    If you've got the money to spend, Weds will make you a set to custom fit almost any application. 

  • Foose Classics F226 10-Spoke on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#14) Foose Classics F226 10-Spoke

    Think of the Foose 10-Spoke as the "Gasser Mag Plus." It wouldn't pass for one of those classic rims in polished aluminum, but that's nothing a little sandblasting and paint wouldn't fix. Or, if shiny is your thing, you can just leave it as-is.

    Sized 17 to 18 inches, available in most domestic five-bolt patters, and priced about $3,000 a set. 

  • Mach M3 on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#3) Mach M3

    Sized 18 to 20 inches and available in common five-bolt sizes, there's just something indefinable about the Mach M3 that screams "cool." It's a little bit BMW, a little bit Tron, and just detailed enough to be interesting in any finish. For $600 to $800 a set, you'd have trouble finding a better deal.
  • BBS Super RS on Random Coolest Car Rims for Your Rid

    (#9) BBS Super RS

    Another classic design brought to the 21st century, the forged BBS Super RS has been around long enough to qualify as nostalgic for some of us. Nowadays, it's available in sizes up to 19 inches, fits most domestic five-bolt patterns, and comes in many finishes including polished aluminum, silver, gray, gloss and matte black, and gold. Reasonably priced at about $1,300 a set. 

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The rim is an essential part of the tire. Rims are called the art of rotation. Do you know what are the coolest car rims in history? Without rims and tires, a car is a trash. Rims are also the favorite part of DIY for car enthusiasts. Interesting and cool rims can often have a special effect, making you different from the crowd. Here are some very characteristic car rim designs.

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