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Random Best Episodes of 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

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    (#4) Zoey's Extraordinary Neighbor

    • March 1, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 4

    Zoey is forced to address her own faith and why she was given these powers as she attempts to help Mo feel comfortable expressing his true self. David creates a “big moment” for Mitch.

  •  Zoey's Extraordinary Dad on Random Best Episodes of 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

    (#12) Zoey's Extraordinary Dad

    • May 3, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 12

    Season finale. After hearing an ominous song, Zoey does everything in her power to stop something bad from happening. Season finale.

  • Thumb of Zoey's Extraordinary Boss video

    (#3) Zoey's Extraordinary Boss

    • February 23, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 3

    Zoey must decide whether or not to get involved in her boss Joan's troubled marriage after she hears Joan sing a heart song. Also, Zoey creates a new program for the family to communicate with Mitch, but his first word is not what they expected.

  • Thumb of  Zoey's Extraordinary Silence video

    (#9) Zoey's Extraordinary Silence

    • April 5, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 9

    Zoey tries to help Mitch’s caregiver, Howie, reconnect with his estranged daughter. Max must make a decision about his future at SPRQ Point.

  • Thumb of  Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out video

    (#6) Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out

    • March 15, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 6

    Things get complicated for Zoey at Simon's engagement party. Maggie has a night out alone, but it doesn't go as planned.

  • Thumb of Zoey's Extraordinary Best Friend video

    (#2) Zoey's Extraordinary Best Friend

    • February 16, 2020

    Season 1, Episode 2

    Zoey tries to figure out how to control her new abilities while navigating her best friends’ romantic feelings for her. A new medical victory for Mitch gives the family hope.

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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is a musical comedy series premiered on NBC in 2020. The show is described as a fusion of What Women Want and La La Land. It tells the story of Zoey who suddenly acquired the ability to hear the inner thoughts of others through songs and uses the unusual ability to help those around her. 

The plot surrounds Zoey's family, friendship, love, and career life. If you are looking for interesting TV shows to live a boring life in isolation, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist can be a good choice. The random tool lists 12 interesting episodes you should check.

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