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Random Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

About Random Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

It's an exciting tool for displaying random worst celebrity makeup fails. We collected a list of "Random Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails" from ranker, which was screened by countless online votes. You can view random worst celebrity makeup fails shows from this page, click on "Show all by ranking" button to show the complete list, or visit the original page for a more detailed introduction.

The worst celebrity makeup fails are those far-from-flattering times when some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world face the public looking less than fresh. From the instances where they went a little heavy on the powder, wore more bronzer than anyone should ever use in a lifetime, or just made some bold makeup choices, these are the worst celebrity makeup fails of all time.

The way some of these celebrities are caking it on, you might think that a face full of powder is somewhat fashionable. Perhaps that's what the likes of Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore were thinking when these beautiful celebs appeared with what appears to be a bit too much highlighter on their faces.

For others, you have to question if they are trying to get some attention with their unconventional and wildly overdone looks. But if these photos are any proof, even some of the most famous people in the world have less-than-posh polish. Vote for the celebs that you think overdid it with their makeup.

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