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Get random things from more than 1,400 everyday things.
  • Handsome guitar

    Handsome guitar

  • Germinating Ceramic Money Cat

    Germinating Ceramic Money Cat

  • Clean desktop with computer

    Clean desktop with computer

  • Cartoon baby crawl pad

    Cartoon baby crawl pad

  • Beautiful Crystal Wares

    Beautiful Crystal Wares

  • Rainy days with old typewriters

    Rainy days with old typewriters

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About Random Things Tool

We have to touch a lot of items every day, from eating to wearing, to seeing, using, we seem to be in contact with all kinds of things all the time. Sometimes we should look at what we usually use.

We have collected 1,400 things we often have connected, including eating, using, using, seeing, from simple bread, to unusual boards, etc. These things are completely random. This random things generator generates 6 random items by default, you can specify the number to generate, each generated item contains the title and corresponding picture. We added a small feature, click the thing name with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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