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  • [un duer]

    [synonyms]awkwarderroneousfalseill-advisedimprudentinaccurateinadmissibleinappropriateincorrectirregularunwarrantedwrongabnormalat oddsbad formdiscordantdiscrepantill-timedinadvisableinapplicableinappositeinaptincongruousinexpedientinfelicitousinharmoniousinopportuneludicrousmalaproposoddoff-baseout-of-placeout-of-seasonpreposterousunaptunbefittinguncalled-foruncomelyundueunfitunfittingunseasonableunsuitableunsuiteduntimely

  • [inside agent]

    [synonyms]agentdetectiveinformerinvestigatormoleoperativesecret agentsecret serviceundercover agentemissarylookoutobserverpatrolpicketplantscoutsleepersleuthsnoopspookspotterwatcherdouble agentespionage agentforeign agentintelligencer

  • [connectings]

    [synonyms]adjustmentattachmentbuildingcollectionconstructionerectionfabricationjoiningmanufacturemanufacturingmodelingmoldingshapingweldingconnectingfitting togetherpiecing togethersetting up

  • [hast egg on one's face]

    [synonyms]give inhave egg on one's facestultify oneself

  • [murphy beds]

    [synonyms]Murphy bedcotfolding bedrollawaytruckle bedtrundle bed

  • [more inexperience]

    [synonyms]childlikegreengullibleinexperienceinnocentnaïveunworldlywet behind the ears

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