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  • en identitet

    Meaning: 1. an identity; 2. [~sbricka] identity disc, dog tag (loan word)

  • ett måleri

    Meaning: (a) painting, (also as a hobby, or field of the arts); 2. [svart~] figuratively painting things black, i.e. making a situation sound worse than it is

  • en logo

    Meaning: a logo (loan word)

  • nödvändig

    Meaning: 1. necessary; 2. [ett ~t ont] a necessary evil

  • att handlägga

    Meaning: 1. to administer, to process, to handle, to manage; 2. (legal term) to hear a legal case, to deal with a legal matter

  • klarvaken

    Meaning: wide awake

  • desperat

    Meaning: desperate

  • fascistisk

    Meaning: fascist (loan word)

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This page generates 6 commonly used Swedish words by default. We have collected the 8269 most commonly used words in Swedish. These words are the most frequently used words in Swedish daily. As you can see, you can see the meaning of each Swedish word shown above in English, which can help you remember the word more easily.

You can use this random Swedish word tool to learn Swedish. Through the randomly displayed Swedish words each time you can quickly find the words you have forgotten, and review them in time.

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