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Random Most Shocking Deathbed Confessions People Have Confessed Ever Heard From Loved Ones

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    This Woman Had Some Religious Regrets

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    From Dallaswolf21:
    "My grandmother was super religious my whole life. Always going to church and doing right by her community. In her last hours she said she really did not believe in God and wished she had not wasted all that time in her life doing what she thought others wanted her to do.
    It was pretty crazy for her husband my dad and aunt to hear her say that."

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    This Woman Discovered The Truth About Her Parents

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    From Kaslyne04:
    "My mum was from China though we are now happily residing in an European country. We went back to China for my grandmother's last few weeks as she was [struggling with] terminal cancer.
    On my grandma's last days, she requested that mum stay with her alone, and it was only then she revealed that my mum wasn't her biological kid. My grandma confessed that she has bought my mum from  [the black market] (which was common in China), because she had tried for many years and still couldn't get pregnant.
    My mother cried a lot, not only for the unimaginable [challenges] that her biological parents likely went through in losing a baby, but also for the fact that my grandparents have went beyond to treat my mum as their little princess. They literally did treat my mum as their own. They were never [mean] and only gave her the very best in life. They even willingly send my mum to the US for university education even though they aren't rich by any means."

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    A Man Told His Grandson All The Horrible Things He Did As A WWII Soldier

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    From BattlefieldInsanity:
    "Shortly after he was diagnosed [with] the final stages of heart failure, a few weeks before he [passed], my grandfather told me several stories about WW2 that changed my view of him and of [conflict] in general. Now, before I start, I should tell you that my grandfather was one of the kindest men you'd ever meet. Always friendly, never drank, the kind of guy who gave the shirt off his back to those who needed it and handed out the biggest candy bars in town on Halloween. Everyone loved him.
    Shortly after D-Day, my grandfather was part of a 12 man..squad fighting in Northern France. As his unit entered a seemingly abandoned village, they were ambushed by a squad of Germans and the unit was torn apart. They won, but by the end...only three of the Americans were still alive, and one of them was badly wounded. The squad leader and his assistant were [slain]. The two unwounded soldiers swept the...scene and hauled three badly wounded German Wehrmacht soldiers into the middle of the street.
    My grandfather looked at the other American soldier, said 'No Prisoners,' and [eliminated] one of the Germans right there. He said he almost [became sick] because there was way more [remains] than he was expecting. His partner lifted his rifle to [take out] the other two, but my grandfather stopped them. He said that there may have been other German soldiers nearby and didn't want [to attract] them.
    So they dragged the other two into the shallow ditch on the side of the road, with about six inches of water in it, and [finished them].
    After that, he said he hated Germans. He confessed to a number of [aggressive acts] that resulted in [repercussions]. 

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    One Child Found Out Their Family Was Bigger Than Expected

    [ranking: 14]
    From MoltenLarva:
    "I was told by my father that in addition to two other kids he had that I knew of, there were more children of his out there. Also, that only two of his kids were with the same woman. Four of them showed up at his service (in addition to the other two), making it seven of us present.
    We also found out that he may have had other kids elsewhere but my family kept really poor records of things, so I have never found out who they are. Most of that was word of mouth from old friends of his.
    Weird note, but all of us got together and now stay in contact. We had a good amount in common and see each other when we can!"

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    This Family Found Out Their Heritage Was A Lie

    [ranking: 11]
    From 17decimal28:
    "My mom and her dad both grew up believing and hearing stories from my great grandmother about how she was the daughter of a Cherokee woman who ran off and joined the circus. It was a good tale. My great grandmother taught all of us rain dances and other cultural things. All of her decor and style was Cherokee-inspired. She even physically looked Native American. My older cousin even got some college grant based on being 1/16th Native American.
    On my great grandmother's [last moments] she tells my grandpa that she made all of it up. Turns out her mother was really just a neighborhood [working woman] of European descent that dumped her in an orphanage."

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    A Man Confessed To Having A Secret Daughter

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    From MartijnCvB:
    "My other uncle had been in a car accident. It was bad. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, he said 'Tell my wife that Wendy is my daughter and I love her (name changed for privacy).' He [passed] a few minutes later....
    Wendy was the neighbors' then 5 year old child. That caused a huge [problem], I can tell you."


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When a person realizes they are about to pass, they often have regrets or even guilt, which may result in some truly shocking deathbed confessions. Most people don't want to carry their burdens into the afterlife and will take the opportunity to share their most intimate (and sometimes disturbing) stories with others.

To live with a shockingly secret story one's entire life can be troublesome, but when truths suddenly come out on a loved one's last breaths, the people affected are often shocked. Stories may even be so revealing that the lives of their entire family are changed forever.

True stories of deathbed confessions can include affairs, secret children, terrible acts that no one knows about, or even their true feelings toward loved ones. In fact, these stories from Reddit about deathbed confessions include all of the aforementioned and more. Some of these tales are even downright creepy – stories their families may have preferred not to know.

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