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  • kaip

    Meaning: as, how

  • pasiekti

    Meaning: to reach (i.e. orgasm)

  • variklis

    Meaning: engine

  • burė

    Meaning: a sail

  • skaityti

    Meaning: to read

  • mokyti

    Meaning: teach

  • mergina

    Meaning: girl

  • gabalas

    Meaning: piece

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About Random Lithuanian Words Tool

This page generates 6 commonly used Lithuanian words by default. We have collected the 889 most commonly used words in Lithuanian. These words are the most frequently used words in Lithuanian daily. As you can see, you can see the meaning of each Lithuanian word shown above in English, which can help you remember the word more easily.

You can use this random Lithuanian word tool to learn Lithuanian. Through the randomly displayed Lithuanian words each time you can quickly find the words you have forgotten, and review them in time.

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